Rising cream and sinking shit

“I’ve been immersed in fitness for so long, that’s the only industry I know, and it’s so saturated…”

— Matt, member of the Clandestine Round Table

If market saturation—not only in fitness, but ANY market—is an excuse you’re hiding behind, I’ve got a spoonful of medicine for you.

The fitness market is NOT saturated, nor is whichever market you’d like to be in, but are scared because “so many people are already there.”

For one, having a lot of players in a market means there’s a whole lotta buyers itching to pull out their credit cards in exchange for helping solve their problem. You’ve just gotta figure out how to make the person they chose to do so with, you.

There’s no denying the fact there are a ton of people trying to build a business in the online fitness space.

And yes, the marketplace IS sophisticated to the point where coming up with your unique hooks and ang
le is admittedly challenging, but for the person who “gets” sales & marketing, I’d say those are benefits.

Our world functions in cycles, patterns, and distribution of quality is no different.

The cream always rises to the top, while the shit sinks to bottom.

If a ton of people are vying for the same attention, there is simply going to be a high percentage who are simply shit, and a select few who rise up.

Given how large the fitness industry is from a financial standpoint, with many examples of wildly successful businesses, it’s simple to see what works, what doesn’t, then simply take what’s working on model it with whatever your unique angle is.

Health is one of the few timeless niches out there, that no matter what happens in the world, people are going to want to change their body.

You don’t have to innovate or reinvent the wheel to build a successful business.

You just need to find what’s already been proven to work, then paint it with what only you can bring to the table.

If you sales & marketing isn’t something you’re “up” on, I’m going to be yammering about this (as well as how to create offers so unique, so different, your market is excited to pull out their credit card for you.

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