Self-development masturbation

I haven’t read a self-development book in over 18 months.

The 7.5 months of 2018 already behind us have been the most growth-filled segment of my entire life, in every aspect.

Business, relationships, mindset, and physique.

**My copywriting business (freelance work + my own offers) generates more than enough to keep me travelling as I please, my savings growing, bloodstream full of espresso, and my feet in suede loafers.

**I’ve developed the strongest bonds of friendship I’ve ever experienced, and found the girl.

**Given new responsibilities, opportunities, and more audacious goals, my mindset has had no choice but to come along for the ride.

**And my quads really don’t fit into any of my short shorts anymore.

If you ask me, that’s quite a lot of growth, and not a crumb of it off the back of an endless stream of self-development masturbation.

I remember the last self-dev book I read (probably because I read it five times in a row): The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson.

I really like Mark’s stuff. Y’know when you’re reading an article or a book, and you feel like the author just gets you?

That’s what Mark’s book did for me.

To the point where he rendered my interest in reading any more books of a similar ilk obsolete.

I simply don’t see the need to stuff my brain with an endless stream of “if you believe in yourself.” Not when that time, energy, and attention could be put towards more useful matters like down below…

Because despite all the information available, the majority of these books are missing the one crucial thing that will actually help you improve.

Even Mark’s book lacks this…All the self-improvement knowledge in the world is utterly useless if you don’t take action, and implement what you learn.

To me, a book on self-improvement without action steps is about as useful as a crumpet left soaking in orange juice for three days.

Which is why I’m ensuring that every single issue of the Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter is filled with exercises and action steps to help ensure you implement the lessons, and practically guarantee your success.

The Guild has a firm launch date now, and it’s coming in the next few weeks.

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