Shit or Get Off the Pot

Nobody earns Unfuckwithable freedom, lives their ideal lifestyle, or hits five figure months (and beyond) off the back of simply having an idea.

Nothing happens until you take your idea, and add a heaping scoop of action into the mix.

I imagine you’re already familiar with this not-at-all-startling concept.

So, why is it that you need so many reminders?

Find yourself frozen in the face of taking the next step?

Struggle to move forward even when you know what to do next?

Pulling from my own experience, this freezing stems from fear of success—largely because what your world will like look upon achievement is an unknown.

And the unknown is scary.

A personal example:

Up until last week, “call newsletter fulfillment company” was on my to-do list for weeks.

I let what ended up being a fifteen-minute phone call and a couple of emails stand between where I was, where I want to go, and what I’m building.

While able to distract myself with working on other pieces of the newsletter (sales letter, launch emails, positioning, cleaning up my website, etc), placing that phone call was the priority in terms of genuinely pushing the ball ahead, and turning brain fart into reality.

In other words, I was doing a whole lot of sitting on the pot, and not much shitting (read: taking action).

This is not uncommon.

We tend to avoid doing the things we know we need to do because they’re scary in some way, shape, or form.

Handling business with the company who will take care of printing and fulfillment for the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter, Email Imagery 2.0, and all future products meant a few things:

1. The ideas I’m cooking up have legs. People are interested, and it’s my responsibility now to deliver what I’ve been yapping about.

2. Investing more financial and mental energy into creating something better than a simple PDF means taking more responsibility for a project than ever before.

3. I’m stepping into uncharted territory (for me) in terms of business.

This is the crux of growth, and of progress.

If you walk up to what scares you, and are unwilling to swallow, clench your fists, and take the next step, you will not move any further.

Simple as that. No matter how brilliant your idea is.

Back up your words with relentless, consistent action.

When you come up against something that scares you, you can try what I’m going to be implementing moving forward.

While thinking about the concept for this email, I realized how ridiculous it was to let something like a simple phone call hold me back, and came up with a plan to never let it happen again.

Here goes:

1. When you have a task you need to do or decision you must make in order to move forward, verbalize what it is to someone close to you who you can trust to slap you around with accountability (I use Alicia for this).

2. After verbalizing, follow it up by setting a firm deadline to either have said task completed by, or decision made.

3. Then go do the damn thing.

In short: shit or get off the pot.

Speaking of doing what you say you’re going to do, with fulfillment and printing being taken care of, the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter is gonna be coming in hot and heavy.

The inaugural issue is going to dive deep into:

— The uncommon truth about lifestyle design (what it really means plus tangible examples).

— What The Matrix can teach you about bending rules, shaping your environment, and living life on your terms.

— Specific exercises and challenges I’ve personally used to help you determine what you want your life to look like, how much cash you need each month to fund your ideal lifestyle, and chart your course forward.

And a whole whack more…

If you’re not on the pre-sale list, it’s time to shit or get off the pot. Click the link below to receive early access to the Sorcerers Guild launch special:

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