Slaying the 9-5 fire-breathing dragon

Have you experienced the sweet sensation of relief that comes from escaping something?

I remember the moment I “escaped” Starbucks like it was yesterday.

While I like to pretend I went out in a blaze of glory, throwing skinny vanilla lattes at random customers, yelling about how shitty the coffee was, and throwing partially-thawed pastries at my ex-coworkers…the truth is much more bland.

I threw my apron in the laundry for the last time, emptied my pockets of 7+ pens (which I had a curious habit of collecting), punched out, and slipped out the door without looking back.

When I stepped out the door, the sun was brighter. The air sweeter. And the sky a delightfully vibrant blue.

I couldn’t quite believe that after months of forcing myself to stick to an absurd schedule, shafting myself of sleep, and pouring every ounce of effort I had into my “escape plan,” it finally came to fruition.

For months (okay, years) it had felt as if a massive fire-breathing dragon was looming over my shoulder, dousing me in skin-melting flames five days per week, 8 hours per day.

That dragon was my “normal” job slinging lattes at Starbucks, and by god, I wanted to escape more than anything else on the planet.

The concept of trading time for dollars?

Nah, not for me.

Repeatedly having more work and responsibility piled on with no extra pay?

I’ll pass.

Having to toe the line of company “rules” and pretend how much I loved being there whenever upper management came calling?

I’d feel the dragon’s fire a few more times on those days.

So I cooked up an escape plan, and worked like hell to slay the fire-breathing dragon hovering overhead.

And that plan involved earning enough money each month on my own time, via the internet, to slip out the front door and never look back.

If you’ve got a fire-breathing dragon slowly burning your soul to a  crisp, then my dusty scrolls, The Sorcerers Guild print newsletter, will help you swing the sword, and behead the scaly bastard.

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Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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