Slaying YOUR giant, scaly, fire-breathing dragon

Picture a giant, scaly, fire-breathing dragon…

Each time you have a feeling related to something you want to change, don’t have, or can’t stand in your life, that scaly bastard roasts you with all his fiery might.

Maybe that feeling is…

…your dickhead boss busting your balls about closing that sale, a lack of pens around the office, and why the lunchroom always smells kinda fishy.

…your partner and family…who you never seem to have any time to spend with.

…losing hours of your life to a soul-sucking commute on the daily.

…a deep yearning to see more of the world, to escape monotony of doing the same shit day in and day out.

…or perhaps it’s the frustration of trying to build an online business, but nothing you do seems to generate any result.

I remember the day when I finally slew the largest, scaliest, most vicious fire-breathing dragon of my life…the last “normal” job I ever worked, slinging lattes at Starbucks.

For years that scaly bastard followed me everywhere I went, roasting me at every chance he got (which was quite often).

I felt his hot heat every time I set my alarm for 330am…

Whenever I wanted to take my girlfriend out for dinner…

If I so much as thought about taking a vacation…

When I wanted needed to buy new clothes…

Each time I lay down to sleep in my parents spare bedroom…

As I dreamt of wandering the world, travelling, and exploring cities, towns, and villages in lands far, far away…

And perhaps worst of all…whenever someone asked me the most dreaded question of all…“what do you do?”

I’ve never felt so much shame and embarrassment in my life as when I had to tell people that I busted my balls, and gave up the majority of my time to the daily frappuccino grind at Starbucks.

To be clear: I didn’t feel this shame because of the job itself (I actually had a great manager, always had the hours I wanted, and was well-respected).

I felt this way because I KNEW I was capable of so much more, and every shot of muddy espresso I pulled was another reminder that I wasn’t living up to my potential, living in the world I wanted to, or spending the my time doing something I was excited about.

It wasn’t Starbucks…it was me.

I’ve always wanted more, I’ve always wanted a unique, special life, and I always knew I was capable of doing so.

But that goddamn fiery dragon fought like hell to keep me there, and for years it won.

I felt myself becoming an empty husk of who I was, and degrading further and further from who and where I wanted to be in life.

Had a particular opportunity not arisen, I’d be managing my own store right now (which they were prepared to give me at the tender age of 21).

For the sake of this email, the specifics of the opportunity are not important.

What is important is that I accepted the call to adventure, rose up to the opportunity, and accepted the challenge before me.

Through the guidance and tutelage of a mentor, I was able to begin a new journey—the journey of building my ideal world.

This mentor helped me define the market I wanted to serve, the core offer I wanted to create, offered feedback on my sales letters, website, and writing, and provided the building blocks for the network I’m eternally grateful to have today.

I’m telling this tale today because this email in particular is YOUR call to adventure, YOUR opportunity, YOUR challenge to build the world you want to be.

There’s no shortage of people who want to give their bellend of a boss the finger, quit their day job, live a life of freedom, and build their ideal world.

There’s also no shortage of people with grand plans and elaborate ideas as to how to do just that.

Which begs the question…if so many people WANT to live this life and have ideas about how to do so…why are there so few people (in comparison) who manage to pull it off?

I’ll tell you why…

This disconnect exists because there’s a shortage of people who are a) willing to take the time to vet, test, and validate their ideas…and b) execute on the ones that survive the process in point A.

If there’s one thing I’ve figured out, it’s how to navigate the process of cooking up ideas for products and services that people actually want to buy, and then execute on them.

I’ve done it with my email marketing domination service, and my two info products, Email Imagery 2.0 and The Sorcerers Guild.

And inside the November issue of The Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter I’m going to perform open-heart surgery on my idea generation process, and display every gory detail for my Apprentices to see.

If you’re a ground-zero online business n00b with no clue where to begin, this issue will help you through the process of creating unique, interesting ideas that people want to be a part of.

If you’ve already got a product or service that’s making sales, this issue will help you find ways to improve your offers, build out your back end (heh), and create new offers to sell to your current customers.

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Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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