Smoking up on fitness reefer

Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Thailand, the UK, Mexico, ‘Murica, and the Great Land of Canadia…

The more of the world I see, the more proof I gather of how few people actually lift, take the time to build a physique, and give a damn about their body and health.

Following my view of fitness being a gateway drug to “unlocking” the rest of your life, it stands to reason that many people are NOT happy with the current state of their life.

There are invaluable, brutally important character traits fitness hammers into you, whether you like it or not.

For example, my past years of being an over-the-top meathead has taught me:

— Delayed gratification (if you’re willing to suffer in silence for months on end with no reward, and no cracks, you’re going to develop one helluva mindset)

— Patience (good luck trying to “force” muscle growth or fat loss)

— Grit (what it takes to wake up and do work when you’d rather roll over, sleep in, and get stoned as a goat all afternoon)

— Consistency (is there ANYTHING you can do, improve, or become proficient at that can be achieved with a token effort once or twice per week?)

— Motivation is bullshit (it tends to cripple progress rather than drive it forward—because motivation is a fleeting, false emotion)

If you have these things, you’ve got backbone, and can probably do most things you set your mind to, put legitimate effort into, and take relentless action towards.

It truly doesn’t take much to set yourself apart, stand out from the crowd, and live the life you want.

One of the things the Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter is going to teach you is how to smoke up on fitness reefer, and leverage what you learn in your business, relationships, mental states, and way of being.

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