Sorcerous secrets of the coming Scroll

Heads up!

On Saturday October 13th, shortly after I roll out of bed (approximately 1030am on Saturdays) is when I’m sending the next edition of The Sorcerers Guild paper & ink newsletter to my Scribe.

Scratched into this month’s mailing you’ll learn:

— The three jigsaw pieces you need to solve the “successful business” puzzle

— How to isolate specific market segments who will happily fork over fistfuls of gold coins to solve their problem to “aim” your marketing towards (examples included)

— A different way of thinking about your products/services (and how to position them in a way that your market is actually receptive to)

— How—using multiple examples—you can differentiate your offers in a way that invalidates your competition and leaves YOUR offers as the only logical choice

Then…how to market your offer to receptive leads using the godly gift of email.

And let’s not forget the Secret Scroll I’m enclosing with this month’s mailing which reveals how you can stuff your schedule with freelance copywriting clients who are happy to pay four-figures (or more!) to to rap-tap-tap your fingers on your keyboard.

Plus many sorcerous freelance secrets, such as:

— How Yours Sorcerously got his feet wet as a fresh-off-the-boat freelance copywriter (and I’d do it now if I had to start all over again)

— The four places to dip your fishing net and start landing clients (with a whole lotta examples for you to model)

— How to control the client/freelancer relationship so you don’t get run over in each interaction

— How to charge for your illustrious freelance copywriting services

— A way of delivering your projects that’s simple, clean, and easy as 1-2-3

— Handling the inevitable drudgery of revisions (don’t overthink this y’all)

— What to do when your client isn’t happy with your work (it’s a low-stress, “chill,” way of soothing an irritated, upset, anxious, or impatient client)

And a whoooole lot more.

Like I said, shortly after I roll outta bed on Saturday, I’m sending it all to my Scribe. At which point you’ll miss out on this edition of The Sorcerers Guild AND the Secret Scroll.

Because once they go, they aren’t coming back.

Here’s the link to subscribe in time:

Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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