Stripping away your unwanted job

For someone marching against the grain, and working towards building your business, your freedom, and your life, one of the most valuable skills you can develop is the ability to strip away and leave behind what’s not working.

This is challenging because us weird humans tend to become unreasonably married to our ideas, regardless of their effectiveness.

Our egos and desire for comfort come together to create a mindset that does not want to relinquish its belief, way of being, or attachment to an idea.

Trouble is, rare is the thing that works forever.

Weightlifting programs eventually run their course, and stop generating results.

A successful Facebook ad campaign that pulled in email subscribers and leads for a couple of quarters will inevitability see its costs start to rise.

As my uncle once said to me, “relationships require you to periodically renegotiate the terms if you want them to last.”

One of your income streams (or your sole income stream) may come to no longer serve your mission.

And when things inevitably stop working for you, you must make a decision.

You can keep trudging forward, watching your results or progress diminish, while trying to figure out why things aren’t working.

Or you can do as I humbly suggest…

You strip away what’s not working, and leave it behind.

There’s no sense beating your head against the wall in frustration that something isn’t working when you could be figuring out a new way.

Because there’s always another way.

Circling back to your Ego:

Your ego is what resists you stripping things away.

Because, as above, you grow attached to your ideas, especially if they were working.

But success doesn’t come from marrying yourself to single line of thinking.

It comes from thinking laterally, and being able to transition when you’re not in the right lane.

Speaking of transitioning when you’re not in the right lane…

Something I’ve seen keep loads of people “stuck” when they want to dive headlong into building their own business is the lack of financial uncertainty, and not having the time to devote to building up their side hustle.

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If you’re tired of being stuck where you are, and unable to find a way to transition into working for your own dime, freelance copywriting is one helluva fun way to do it.

In short, this bonus training will help you strip away the job (or income stream) that isn’t working for you anymore.

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