Telling Stories Like Crusty Old Cavemen

66 million years before the emergence of Homo sapiens, the crusty old “cavemen” were busy scratching their stories, advancements, culture, and history into the very walls in which they lived.

To that, storytelling has been a part of what we humans have done since before we were technically humans.

Stories were and are how we communicate, spread ideas, and explain ourselves.

Stories are recognizable patterns, and in those patters we (often impulsively) find meaning.

Amongst the endless noise of our current world, stories are what we use to make sense of the world, and share that understanding with others.

Stories are universal, transcending cultures, time, and geographical location.

So, what does this have to do with you?

Stories are what separate you from everyone else.

Specific to business, your stories are what will separate you from your competition.

That is, if you know how to tell them well.

Surely you’ve had a conversation with some dunce who launches into a *terrible* story, and you lose interest before the first sentence is over.

Awful stories don’t consist of anything more than 1-2 sentences.

However, great stories will be read time and time again.

So, how to tell better stories?

It’s quite simple:

1. Be able to recite your story from your heart. (Overthinking will cause you to pause, trip, and stumble.)

2. Have a strong opener. (As with anything, if you don’t capture attention quickly, people will tune you out.)

3. Add dialogue to your story. (This will add depth, complexity, a “human” aspect to your writing, and you can weave in humour.)

4. Live an interesting life. (You need to live stories worth telling.)

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