Telling Stories That Your Audience Gobbles Up Like A Starved Dog Gobbles Dinner

Your ability to engage, entertain, and persuade by telling stories that your audience gobbles up like a starved dog gobbles dinner will change your business.

Chances are you already know this, though.

So –

Why is it such a struggle to write words that keep even you engaged?

Because, unless you had the delightful foresight to take a creative writing class in high school or university (I sure didn’t), you’ve simply not put in the reps required to earn the ability to write stories that capture the eyes, heart, and mind of your prospects.


“I want to become a better storyteller” is a shared driving motivation for Email Imagery students.

Here’s a simple way to quickly (and enjoyably) game up your storytelling chops…

At the end of the day or first thing in the morning, take a hot minute (or two) to write out everything that took place in your life that day.

But…don’t simply state plain-jane, drab, vanilla facts and leave it at that.

The goal of this writing exercise is to hone your ability to take something as mundane and average as your day-to-day (not taking a dig at your life here – mine isn’t exactly newsworthy either), and write about in such a way that if you shared it on Facebook or Email, you’d know that people are going to read from top to bottom.

The point of this exercise is to practice:

–– Conveying your rollercoaster of emotions in a relatable, inspiring way (such as how you felt when you crushed a PR during your workout, landing a new client, or the nerves you felt on your date).

–– Painting a vivid picture of each event (what was atmosphere of your kitchen like as you cooked dinner? What smells tantalized your senses? How did that glass of red wine taste?)

–– Using the small, seemingly insignificant details of your day to transplant the reader into your writing (saying “I hurried down the front steps, nearly tripping out of eagerness as I jumped in my car to drive to the gym” is much more compelling than “I drove to the gym”).

When you can scratch the vision of what you’re saying into your prospects corneas with your words, you can’t lose.

Because when your words imprint itself into the mind of your reader, and you have a solid offer that genuinely solves a burning problem in your market…you can’t lose.

Courtesy warning: this is not an easy practice.

Much like building an unused, forgotten muscle or developing a new skill, your ability to tell stories and craft copy that entertains, engages, persuades, and profits is one that must be carefully practiced, honed, and improved.

You improve by relentlessly, diligently practicing your craft.

There never has been and never will be a replacement for relentless, diligent effort, and it will pay off in leaps and bounds.

And so it is.

Now, there IS an alternative if practicing on your own isn’t your favourite flavour of pickles or ideal cup of tea.

It’s the same practice I use to become better writer every single day.

I get my practice in by writing (and sending) one email per day.

Aside from being able to generate live feedback from your audience, it’s also a profitable way of practicing.

Inside Email Imagery, you’ll learn the exact methods I follow to create emails every single day that engage, entertain, persuade, and profit.

Email Imagery only calls for 45 minutes of your time, five days per week (on average), for four weeks.

And you’ll receive the accountability, guidance, and 1-1 mentorship required to shortcut your learning curve, and have your customers saying things like so:

Ross Gilmour shares why he invested in Email Imagery:

Telling stories that your audience gobbles up like a starved dog gobbles dinner


If you’re ready to become someone that your audience gets emotional erections from reading and listening to you…

…Email Imagery is waiting for you:

_A. Mullan

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