The only journal in the world like this

Today’s post comes to you from the semi-comfort of my AirBnB in Barcelona—where the AC helps keep things tolerable when sitting, but you burst into spontaneous bouts of sweat if you move too quickly on the way to the fridge to grab another litre of water to down.

Last week I espoused my love of searching for, and wandering through old, tiny, winding streets and alleyways in Europe.

Over the weekend Alicia and I did exactly that.

Did we ever find some gems…chief among them we found this leather goods and ceramic shop stacked with unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind items:

Necklaces, rings, mugs, plates, knives, watches, and even a pirate hat.

For a dude who loves hunting down artisanal items (doubly so in Europe where the culture is MUCH more artisan-focused compared to the factory-orientation of N. ‘Murica), this place was heaven.

Among the hidden treasures, I found the most “me” journal I’ve ever done seen:

The pages inside are dirty, stained, and carefully weathered.

The leather wrap used to tie the covers together is closed off with a small skull (I love, love, love skulls).

If you lay the outer wrapping out flat, you’ll find a map of the world.

It’s the perfect journal to carry around for when ideas pop into my noggin’ (which tends to happen when I least expect it). Plus, vainly, I love the idea of whipping this beautiful piece of art out when I’m working to write down or take action on an idea.

And to top it all off, while adding to the journal’s unique flavour, Victor (the shopkeeper and artisan) offered to burn a custom engraving into the leather for me.

Which given the upcoming launch of the Sorcerers Guild, seemed only fitting to ask for the following:

It’s pretty neat, if I may say so.

Speaking of the Sorcerers Guild…one of the things I’m going to be teaching is how you can create artisanal products/services, and position them in such a way that even the wisest of your competition can’t rob and duplicate you.

The Sorcerers Guild is actually a prime example of an artisanal product…because it:

a) is a print newsletter—few are willing to hammer out the logistics of setting one up, and in today’s digital age, physical products are a rarity.

b) teaches you through stories and experiences nobody but me has.

c) is priced accordingly (to speak solely to artisanal-minded people who are happy to invest in top-notch products).

The ins and outs of creating, positioning, and marketing yourArtisanal Offers is but one of the things I’ll be teaching inside the Sorcerers Guild.

I’m sending the first issue of the Guild to the printer immediately after the official launch *sometime* later this month.

Once the launch passes, you’ll miss your chance to get your mitts on the inaugural issue, as well as your opportunity to join the Guild at a special lifetime founders rate.

If you wanna be the first to know when the Guild drops, click the link below to add your name to the pre-sale list:

(Note: clicking the link above will automatically add your name to the Sorcerers Guild pre-sale list, take you to a clip from Rick & Morty, the greatest animated show of all time, and allow you to gain access to the Sorcerers Guild launch special 24 hours before anyone else on this list or my social media channels does)

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