The REAL reason you give up on your missions

This is the REAL reason why people give up on their missions…

…I thought while pushing the limits of my mind, focus, and body while trying to keep from slipping on my own sweat during yoga last week.

After being smacked with the realization I’m WAY too young to experience shooting pain through my lower back when putting on my shoes, I walked into the nearest top-rated yoga studio in Vancouver, slapped down my credit card and signed up for unlimited monthly classes.

Aside from a couple travel breaks I’ve spent 3-6 hours each week practicing.

And in that time, I’ve noticed a trend in terms of how I’ve progressed.

For weeks I’ll feel like I’m stuck, making no progress. Maybe I can’t overcome the wobbles and shakes of a certain pose, break through a mobility barrier, or get my mind as quiet as I’d like.

But, I’ll keep showing up, fighting for every scrap of progress.

It’s frustrating…but it’s all worthwhile when I have a session like I did earlier this week.

All of a sudden, I was stable in poses, finding new end ranges of motion, flowing from pose to pose with ease, and pulling off “pretty” poses I’d been struggling with for months.

As my teacher Risto, “a pretty pose is a dialled-in pose.”

This cycle of work, work, work, work, leap ahead, rinse and repeat has happened a handful of times now, and it’s comforting to know that so long as the work is done, a leap ahead is inevitable.

Which is the same cycle I’ve seen in my business since Day One.

I’ll work, work, work, work for months while my income and opportunities stay about the same…then the levee breaks, and I’m smacked with new, exciting opportunities, and my income rises.

Trouble is…I know all too well how easy it is to feel defeated during those months of work, especially if you’re just starting out.

Progress fuels your fire…and if you don’t feel you’re progressing…out goes the fire.

It’s much easier to be distracted by other ideas, plots, and schemes when what you’re doing *at the moment* doesn’t seem to be working.

After seeing this trend in member after member of the Clandestine Round Table, I’m sick of seeing people give up on their mission.

Which is why in the first issue of the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter I’ve included a targeted challenge to help you isolate and zero in on the HIGH ROI tasks which will move you forward, fuelling your fire rather than putting it out.

It’s the same system I’ve used for the past 32-odd months to consistently move the needle forward, raise my income, and better my missions.

To get your hands on this issue, you’ll have to join the Sorcerers Guild during the coming launch…which you can have early access to by clicking the link below to add your name to the pre-sale list:

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