The secret to unlocking God Mode

Here’s a Sunday morning tale for your elixir and potion sipping pleasure:

Way back yonder when I decided to take a second stab at building an online fitness business, I went into it being well aware of the one thing I’d missed the first time around.

It was the one thing that made the difference between having to move back in with my parents and crawl back to Starbucks…and being able to live in Greece, Thailand, and live the nomad lifestyle before deciding to setup a home base in Vancouver, BC.

This “one thing” is a skill—and it’s the skill I’ve built what will be a six-figure business off of in its first year.

And this particular skill is one that can help add a few zeroes to your top line, and serve as a way to fund your worldbuilding adventures without the shackles of a traditional soul-sucking job.

This one thing, my seeker, is the ability to persuade through the written word.

When you can persuade through the written word, it’s akin to unlocking God Mode for your life.

Learning The Art of Written Persuasion is what enabled me to build my fitness business, MASSthetics, to the point where I could travel at will, sip all the espresso I pleased, and live on my terms.

After closing the book on said fitness business at the end of 2017, The Art of Written Persuasion is what I’ve used to generate multiple six-figures between myself and my copywriting clients in a mere 9 months and 6 days.

For simply tapping keys on your laptop a few hours per day, that’s quite the exchange rate.


Don’t get me wrong.

Building up a roster of copywriting clients won’t happen overnight.

You’ve gotta show you’ve got the copy chops.

And like any business, you’re gonna have to go out and find yourself them clients.

But if you follow the roadmap I’ve laid out in the Secret Scroll I’m including with the next edition of The Sorcerers Guild paper & ink newsletter, rest assured you’ll find your schedule stuffed with freelance copywriting clients who will happily pay you four-figures (or more!) to write emails, autoresponder sequences, and sales letters.

It’s about as ABC as finding and closing freelance copywriting clients is gonna get.

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