The Worlds Greatest Most Dead Copywriter Speaketh

“Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only takes hopes, dreams, fears, and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product.”

– Eugene Schwartz (The World’s Greatest Most Dead Copywriter), Breakthrough Advertising

Hidden copywriting gem notwithstanding, Eugene Schwartz highlights an important principle that applies to damn near anything you create.

Whether it’s an article, an email, a sales letter, or a new product…

…it doesn’t matter if have you have the most persuasive and compelling piece of copy on the planet.

If you’re speaking to the wrong audience, your words–no matter how brilliantly persuasive you think they are–are going to fall on deaf ears.

Which is why when you’re writing sales emails, sales copy, and creating your offers, you MUST have an intimate understanding of your market, and how to speak to them.

You need to know their deepest, darkest desires.

You need to know what keeps them up at night, and the fantastical visions that dance through their mind.

You need to know (and understand) their burning pains, problems, and arsenic-laced thorns in their collective side.

When you understand your market better then they understand themselves…

When you begin to speak the same language as your prospects, they’ll be magnetized to your emails, your offers, and damn near anything you create.

They hang on your every word…

They become excited to jump down to the next sentence…

Eager, in fact…

If you’re ever jammed for what to write or create, the answer can always be found by going back to your market.

Tap into their darkest desires.

Uncover their deepest fears.

Give them reason to keep hope, and keep searching for a solution.

Paint a picture of their dreams.

Create a vision of their success so vivid it might as well be the truth.

Oh? What’s that?

How do you paint a picture of your prospects dreams, give them reason to believe you can solve their burning problems, and create a vision of success that drives their decision to invest in your offer?

Lemme tell you…

In four weeks time, Email Imagery will teach you how to write emails (and copy) that your list loves to open, read, and buy from.

Specifically, you’re going to learn how to wield one of the most persuasive aspects of copywriting there is….imagery, and use it to put cash in your coffers.

Fair warning: Email Imagery isn’t for lazy, unmotivated, low-class soul-sucking sloths.

It’s for those ready to take their copy chops and business seriously.

When you’re ready, here’s where to join Email Imagery:

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