This Is About A Crisp Dollar Bill

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from Ben Settle, the world’s most delightful curmudgeon of a copywriter, is the Four Quarters vs. 100 Pennies principles.

I’ve taken this a step further as I realized that I’d much rather have a single dollar bill than four quarters jingling around.

Let’s get on with it…

Which would you rather carry around each day?

100 dusty, dirty pennies stretching the seams of your pocket that have been used, abused, and forgotten by countless others?

Or a single freshly minted dollar bill that you can fold up neatly and tuck into your wallet?

Which do you think is going to have a better experience with you? And which do you think YOU will enjoy more?

Frankly, I’d be chomping at the bit to ditch those 100 pennies as quickly as possible. I don’t need or want that weight dragging me down.

But a crisp dollar bill?

Now you’re speaking my language.

Okay, think about this in terms of business, with the dirty pennies and dollar bill being your clients or customers.

Would you rather have 100 people paying you $30 per month?

Or two people paying you $1500 per month?

Which do you think is going to bring you less stress, yield higher quality customers, bring more stability, and be easier to maintain?

Every single time…it’s gonna be those dollar bill customers.

Sure, you CAN make a decent living chasing sheer sales volume with a low price point. But chances are you’ll find you have higher turnover, refunds, ridiculous requests, and constantly feeling like you have to find 100 new customers every month.

Hard pass.

I’ll take a small handful of clients/customers paying $$$$ each month every single time.

More money, less stress, and fewer fires to deal with?

That’s a no brainer.

Here’s why I’m bantering on about this:

One of the core tenets of the upcoming Coffee Cartel print newsletter is on grooming your mindset (and thus your actions and decisions) to bring nothing but high quality relationships into your life.

Whether we’re talking lovers, friends, family, clients or customers, these are ALL relationships in their own right.

And if you’re subscribed to the monthly Coffee Cartel trainings, I’m going to reveal how to do so.

You’ll receive the lessons I’ve used to:

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2. Weed toxic relationships out of my life (thus creating space for deeper positive relationships with fewer people).

3. Build a lifestyle-oriented business that I can adapt to my needs, take with me wherever I please, and use to fund whatever heists, schemes, or plans I desire.

The Coffee Cartel isn’t just about making muney.

It’s about building and living a life that you have control over.

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