Two skills that pay all my bills

The overwhelming majority of businesses fail for one reason.

It’s the same reason my first kick at the online-business-can five years ago was an utter embarrassment.

And it’s the same reason why my second kick wasn’t a failure, as well as what ultimately led to becoming a freelance copywriter, then an email marketing specialist, all of which is coming to a head with the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter.

The ONE reason is because I decided to learn TWO skills.

When I had the website built for Alex Mullan Fitness Systems (ugh), I assumed if I had a website, got jacked, wrote an article every couple of weeks, and posted curiosity-laden statuses on Facebook, I’d have a full client roster, and be rolling in dough within a year.


AMFS didn’t survive a year (try 7-8 months).

All because I failed to learn one crucial piece of building a remotely successful business.

Because it doesn’t matter how great you are at what you do.

If people don’t know who you are, trust your ability to deliver results, or jive with your story, your business is going to go the way of ye old Alex Mullan Fitness Systems.

Unprofitable. Useless. Unsuccessful.

Which brings me to the one thing I invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars (and counting) to learn…

Broadly, I’m talking sales and direct response marketing.

Specifically, copywriting and email marketing.

Which was a decision I made because of the following quote from the first ever business mastermind I attended:

“If you can learn how to sell, you’ll never be out of work, or strapped for cash”

Fast forward to today, and I can attest to those words.

Learning sales & marketing quite literally reshaped my life when I applied the principles to my fitness business.

Everything that’s come after has simply been a matter of levelling up.

More income.

More freedom.

More fun.

And it all comes back to the making the decision to bone up on old school direct response marketing principles, and copywriting.

Armed with these tools, you can do damn near anything (if you execute on your ideas and take action).

Given the amount of joy, money, and freedom these skills have brought into my life, I’d be doing you disservice to not teach you what I know.

To that, there are going to be entire issues of the Sorcerers Guild print and ink newsletter dedicated to teaching you the two skills that have been paying my bills, bettering my missions, and funding my lifestyle ever since.

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