Upcoming heists, schemes, and adventures

No mystical mutterings about The Sorcerers Guild today, friends.

Here’s why:

Today marks the beginning of something I’m going to be doing over the first few days of each of my months (since I send each Guild issue to my Scribe on the 13th, my month then begins on the 14th).

This “something” involves talking about myself, my dusty scroll business, schemes for the future, and the like.

I’m doing this in part to keep myself on track, for a little public accountability, and to show y’all a little inside the mind of a Sorcerer.

Sooooo, without further add-yew, let’s get this monkey cranking…

When it comes to growing The Sorcerers Guild, I’ve got one mission, and one mission only:

Build thy list.

With more email subscribers will inevitably come more Guild members, because the newsletter doesn’t suck, and nor do my emails.

BUUUUUT, I’m not running a traditional list-building campaign (send paid traffic—usually via Facebook—to a landing page offering a freebie in exchange for emails) because I don’t want any old peasant to read my emails or join The Sorcerers Guild.

I’d rather spend $100 acquiring two email subs who join the Guild and stick around for a year than spend $100 to acquire 50 email subs who just want a bag of free shit.

Sooooo, I’m hosting a live, paid webinar dissecting my now-dialled-in product launch formula, and going over every moving part involved. At first I’m just gonna market it with a few organic posts on Facebook. If she goes well, I *might* run traffic to it and test to see if it’s a viable strategy.

Now, I AM going to be using paid traffic when I get my shit together and give my (m)ad man everything he needs. As above, instead of sending traffic to a landing page, I’m going to drive views to different articles on my website (where I post past emails) with the intention being that only those truly interested in what I have to say will subscribe through the opt-in box at the bottom of each article.

I’ve got a couple more schemes rattling around in my dome about driving organic traffic from social media, but that’s probably gonna be a 2019 thing.


Alicia and I are hammering out the fine print for our dual coaching offer which spans marketing and mindset. Because if there are two things you need to build a successful business, it’s mindset and marketing. If all goes according to plan, this will be available only to Sorcerers Guild subscribers come the November mailing.

Other than that, mums the word for now…

Since we haven’t been anywhere new in ~8 weeks, it means it’s time to hit the road again.

Starting off with a trip down to San Fransisco next week to see friends old and new, pick up a double bass guitar of Alicia’s, and ideally chew on some mushrooms in the California Redwoods (if you like massive forests full of giant trees, you’ll wanna Google these bad boys).

After San Fran we’ll have 24 hours or so in Vancouver before we jump on a plane to Japan. Kygo—an artist we bonded over—is playing just outside Tokyo on Alicia’s birthday, and it seemed too serendipitous an opportunity to pass up.

I’ll likely shift the tone of my emails for the duration of the trip (as I did in Spain back in August) to give y’all a glimpse into whatever we find in the land of sushi, ramen, baths, and delightful absurdity.

Anyway, that’s a quick glimpse into what I’ve got going on business-wise and personally over the next month or so.

But what of you?

What’s going on in your world?

Any big heists to pull off or spells to cast?

Shoot me a note and lemme know what you’ve got going on. I’d love to hear from you.

Until tomorrow…

Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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