What you DON’T get when you travel

Valencia, Spain

Tuesday, 10:33am

Status: unfortunately uncaffeinated


I haven’t travelled like this in a long time, and I’ve been reminded of why I prefer to stay in one spot for 7-10 days (rather than 2-4) before even thinking about moving on.

Reason being?

It’s much easier to get hold onto a semblance of routine and stability, which are essential for damn near everything.

At least if you’re serious aboot building, and improving.

For example, when I moved to Greece for three months at the end of 2016, I had no issues making progress in the areas important to me.

After spending 4-5 days beating back jet legs, getting my bearings, and figuring out where the delicious espresso was at, it was simple to fire up my routine, and get to work.

And I’ve got the results to prove it.

I gained a silly 20-odd pounds of mostly muscle while there, experienced three separate income bumps, and made a whole lotta personal progress.

Same deal when Alicia and I went to Thailand for two months last year.

4-5 days getting our shit sorted in a new country, then it was down to bid’ness.

This trip to Spain has been undeniably different.

In part because we’re here for a specific (top-secret) purpose that calls for more exploration, and less “normal life.” And in part due to the duration (two weeks rather than two months).

We’ve been bouncing around Barcelona and Valencia for all of 5 days now, and I feel, as Alicia put it, “like serious butt.”

And it’s entirely due to struggling with a lack of routine, and having to make 23 decisions before breakfast (which apparently people don’t seem to eat much of over here).

As a business owner, it is not easy to switch the old noggin’ off, and not think about work.

Admittedly, it’s entirely my fault for doing what I tend to do far too often: biting off more than I can chew.

This experience highlights something I was talking about with newsletter subscriber Sam Forget over the weekend.

Sam spilled the truth of the matter…


“I’ve found that (similar to you) I crave some level of stability/routine for my best work.”


If you run your own business as Sam and I do, you know there’s no accepting anything less than your best work. And for most, your best work only comes when you have stability.

I mean, how the hell are you gonna make progress with your body, business, relationships, or personal growth if you’re constantly in survival mode?

The most successful people I know this, and it’s why so many of them don’t travel as far and wide as they could.

It’s the same reason why this time last year I decided to stop moving every 2-4 months and set up a home base in Vancouver.

Stability and routine breed success, growth, and progress.

This email is not a recommendation to become a grumpy curmudgeon who never sees more than the four walls of your home.

Rather, if you wish to make serious progress with your business, body, relationships, or self, consider the cost that comes with upsetting the scales of stability and routine.

And if you do decide to upset the scales, don’t do as I do and try to maintain your normal output. It won’t happen, and you’ll feel like butt.

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And with that, it’s time to pack (again), find food, explore Valencia, and plot the next step of this Spanish jaunt.

Much love.

_A. Mullan

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