What’s bubbling in my cauldron?

Yesterday was my first “proper” day back to work in a week.

For the first time in roughly three years, I told myself I was going to take time off and actually followed through.

Every email you read from September 19th through the 25th was written, edited, and scheduled in advance (such is the luxury of having an email built around email marketing).

All client work was prepared and handled into the first week of October.

The second volume of The Sorcerers Guild newsletter was outlined, and set aside to marinate.

I had ideas for a few musings I wanted to write about ready to rock ‘n roll.

And I had friends Family in town for ice cream (the world’s greatest ice cream happens to be in Vancouver), burritos, and intergalactic adventures.

While I may not be as physically rested as I’d like, there was no shortage of fun—something that has been lacking in my life of late—and I feel mentally ready to attack the next phase of building my Kingdom.

With spells to cast, potions to brew, and elixirs to imbibe, I’m quite excited for what’s bubbling in my cauldron.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming over the next few months…

First up, The Sorcerers Guild Newsletter, Vol 2.:

How to Create a Low-Stress
Email-Based Business to Unlock
Your First Level of Freedom and Fund Your
Worldbuilding Adventures

Included with this next issue will be a bonus insert, the first in a sporadic series of bonus inserts which will give you a tried and true formula for stuffing your schedule with copywriting side gigs (allowing you to leverage your spare time to dramatically increase your income and earn yourself some more freedom)

Then there’s the Marketing & Mindset Guided Sorcery offer (working title) Alicia and I are putting together. No more on this for now, but it’ll be available (to Guild subscribers only) before years end.

Lastly, I’m finally going to start putting a concerted effort into list-building. And I’m going to do it in a uniquely sorcerous way that *should* all-but-guarantee the only people who come into this here Kingdom are genuinely interested in being part of my world, and eliminating any potential for low-class soul-suckers to end up on my list.

It’s going to take up some time, some cash, and I don’t anticipate a flood of new subscribers…but those who come in will be the RIGHT subscribers.

And yes, should things unfold as anticipated, I’ll blather about it in a future Guild scroll.

Alright, that’s enough excitement for today.

In the meantime, you can learn more about my dusty scrolls, The Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter, right here:


Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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