Why wantrepreneurs stay STUCK

You’ve probably heard this time and time again…

“You are
your own worst enemy…”

I know I certainly am.

Specifically when it comes to picking ONE area to place your focus, and channel your efforts.

A mere 8-10 months ago, my attention was being pulled all over the fucking map.

I had 1-1 fitness clients, a group coaching fitness offer, a daily email client, four blogs to manage, plus sales letters and product launch sequences to write for clients.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

At first glance you might think I was raking in puddles of gold doubloons. With the amount of “different” things I had on my plate, you’d think I was clearing an easy 15K/month.

As these things go, reality was much different than perception.

At the time, my income was hovering at 5-6K/month, and not budging.

I hadn’t spent that much time working since the days of writing blog posts for 10+ hours per day.

Looking back, it was one of the most stressful periods of my online business life. A fact of which I attribute entirely to being unable to:

A. Pick ONE area to go all in on (fitness coaching, freelance copywriting, tech/backend work for small online business, my own projects)

B. Face what putting all my eggs into one basket meant (basically, a short-term dip income dip in exchange for clarity, peace of mind, and long-term increase in $)

As you build your way up in this online world, chances are you’re going to be faced with unforeseen opportunities.

Opportunities which may be hard to turn down because when someone jiggles a chest full of gold doubloons in front of your face, it’s tough to say no.

Especially when you’re just starting to find your wings, and crave income stability.

But, a funny thing happened when I grit my teeth at the end of December and cut off the blog management, along with all things fitness related…

Copywriting referrals started to pour in…

I landed my largest project yet (at the time)…

Stress levels dropped…

And I had my best month of all time (until I topped it in July) despite being on the road for three weeks.

The point of all this?

If you’re jumping all over the map, sticking your hands into different projects…STOP.

Focus on ONE (maybe two) core projects, and stick with them until it’s profitable enough that you can begin to scale.

THEN add in another focus (if you want).

With focus comes clarity.

One of the most common reasons “wantrepreneurs” remain stuck “wanting,” is due to jumping from idea to idea, shiny object to shiny object.

Success comes from hammering away at one wall until you “make it,” not by throwing shit at every wall you see.

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