Worldbuilding vs. Entrepreneurship

I’ve always loathed the term entrepreneur.

Maybe it’s all the GaryVee videos I used to watch, sucking up 30+ minutes of my time each day.

(Ironically, the BEST piece advice I ever took from Lord of the Hustle was “stop watching my shit and go do something.”

That struck me like a mighty swing of Thor’s hammer straight to my Kingly Jewels…so I ran with it and haven’t looked back)

Perhaps it’s because my gut association with the word is to Silicon Valley, funding rounds, and more stress than I ever care to deal with.

Or maybe it’s simply because I’m drawn to going against the grain, and the idea of using a word everyone else in the marketing/business world uses rubs me the wrong way.

Whatever the case, I’m not a fan.

For ages I’ve been trying to cook up another term to use in my little Kingdom, and I’ve finally got it.

You and I, we aren’t entrepreneurs.

We’re worldbuilders.

I’ve touched on this before, and the first issue of the Sorcerers Guild newsletter dives deep into the subject, but here’s the synopsis:

Worldbuilding is a literary device in fictional work referring to the construction of an imaginary world. This includes everything from maps, to historical events, language, currency, characters, and plot development.

Lifestyle Design = Worldbuilding

Entrepreneur = Worldbuilder, meanings the man or woman in charge of artfully constructing his or her world.

If you ask me, these are MUCH more accurate terms for what most of us are trying to do.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want a multinational corporation.

You don’t want to run the show in Silicon Valley.

And you probably don’t want a massive team underneath you.

Nah, our tastes are much simpler.

A high level of impact on people you can help.

Not having to stress about money.

The freedom to do whatever the hell you want.

More control over your time.

The ability to give your loved ones the support, care, and life they deserve.

I won’t pretend to not care about making money—but these reasons above are my main motivators for doing what I do.

I’m tired of seeing people in the same position I once was staying stuck for years, but being overrun with complex information, misleading advice, and dogshit ideas.

I thoroughly enjoy being able buy all the scented candles, espresso, and ice cream I want (small luxuries, not necessities).

The ability to travel has long since been a massive motivator for me, and I’m happy to report it’s a large part of my current world.

You best believe I’m never going to punch another time clock or show up for a shift ever again.

And being able to incrementally build a better world for Alicia and I is added fuel to my fire.

It’s a curious thing…when you focus on helping people—whether through a service you offer or product you’ve created—rather than the money itself, the gold coins tend to take care of themselves.

This is my brand of “entrepreneurship.”

This is worldbuilding.

And everything I’ve built in my world is a result of the spells I teach subscribers to cast inside my monthly paper & ink newsletter, The Sorcerers Guild.

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