Y’all Wanna Talk About Unfair Advantages

Another trip down the Facebook Memories lane:

I stumbled upon an image I shared three years ago.

Said image is essentially a meme I made three years ago with the following lines splashed over a black chalkboard background:


Give a fuck about people.

Do something cool.

Live for the moment.

Fuck the rest.


Honestly, I’m a little taken aback at young A. Mullan’s straightforward, actionable advice.

Even more so considering how well it lines up well with my current values:

1. Relationships, above all else

2. Do interesting things to have stories worth telling

3. Practice being present

4. Ruthlessly eliminate negativity, unwanted distractions, stress

The way I see it, doing the above will give you an unfair advantage and put you in position to succeed.

Which is what one of the early issues of the Coffee Cartel print newsletter is going to about.

Because when you capitalize your hidden advantages, skills, and talents, it’s startling how straightforward and simple things become.

The areas you choose to focus your thoughts, actions, and decisions on are what you come to embody.

In focusing on the *right* things, you gain a sense of control over your world in ways you cannot imagine.

It’s this control that allows me turn what I envision happening into a reality.

I can teach you how to wield this control in your life.

This skill is my unfair advantage, and I can show you the door.

But, it calls for an investment on your part.

Nobody makes change without having skin in the game. Nobody.

To put some skin in the game, click the link below to join the Coffee Cartel print newsletter pre-sale list:


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