You spent $1200 on WHAT?

I’m a sucker for high-quality.

People, clothes, food, coffee…you name it.

I’m MUCH happier to spend double, triple, or quadruple the money on something of undeniable quality because I view it as an investment, rather than expense.

For example, when Alicia and I were in Amsterdam back in May, I decided to “treat myself” to a new outfit.

First came the shorts. Handmade in Italy, my favourite colour of blue, and the shop offered to have them tailored to accommodate the tree trunks I walk around on.


Then there were the shoes. Deep mustard yellow suede loafers that feel like I’m walking on clouds.


Digging through the rack, a pullover in the exact shade of pink I love caught my eye. And they had my size.


On a whim, I asked if they had any white jeans (I’ve been keeping an eye out for these for AGES). Lo and behold…white jeans from Italy made with the highest-quality denim I’ve ever done touched, and in my size nonetheless.


Of course new shoes meant I needed new socks.

5 pairs later…


All told, this little boutique shop in Amsterdam ended up making $1200 off my spree (and that’s with the 20% off the shopkeep gave me for being an adorable, trigger-happy Canadian).

I don’t care how much money you make—$1200 is a lot to spend at once, let alone on clothes.

So why is that I didn’t have so much as a hint of buyers remorse…when I’ve been angry and frustrated at myself for spending $12 on a mediocre burrito?

It comes down to value.

I had no qualms splurging on clothes because I view buying high-quality (whether it’s coaching, clothes, or coffee) as an investment, rather than expense.

Working with a copywriting/business coach is an investment into my skillset and business that pays off over and over and over.

Seeking out high-quality coffee brings me immense joy, and I’m willing to spend a little extra for the experience.

In the case of the Amsterdam shopping spree, I know what I bought isn’t going to wear out or fall apart, and pending an absurd amount of muscle growth, I have clothes that fit like a glove, will last, and bloat my confidence.

Worth every penny.

There’s wisdom for you in here too, mate.

People will empty their wallets for you if deliver the value they want.

In business, I firmly stand against offering $10 memberships, $17 eBooks, and bargain-bin coaching.

Not because I don’t think you can’t make money that way. There are a LOT of people out there who make a small fortune each month on low cost subscriptions. Ahem, Netflix.

But the neat thing about building your own business is you can set things up however the hell you want, and tailor it to your values + preferences.

Take the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter for example: I COULD make it $10/month, and aim to bring thousands of people into it’s halls.

But frankly, I don’t want the crowd of people that low cost products tend to attract.

Instead, I want to work with people who operate with a similar mindset as I do.

High-value offers attract high-value people.

And the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter fits the bill.

I’m going to start yapping about the first issue soon…ish, but in the meantime, if you want to be the first to know when the Guild drops, plus gain access to a special lifetime offer, click the link below to add your name to the pre-sale list:

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