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Alicia reads the last of her introductory scrolls…


Yesterday, I talked about one of the biggest lessons I learned when I quit quitting and started actually sticking to things. Big things, like learning to play the violin at a professional level after picking it up a decade later than I “should” have. And stepping on a competitive bodybuilding stage after spending my entire adult life battling an eating disorder. And building a business after my first failure left me homeless and flat broke.

The truth is, the lesson I shared yesterday was really only the second most important.


More important than a network of peers is the guidance of an experienced figure—whether it’s a friend or family member, a therapist, a teacher, a coach, a trainer, whoever—that supports you and believes you are going to succeed.
Your leader is an incredible asset. It’s natural to lose faith along the way that you are going to reach your goals, and you will fall off the horse in various ways. Having an outsider to learn from, and to maintain perspective and encourage you is a reliable aid to pick up and keep going when you hit a wall.


As a nutrition coach, I have spent the last four years poring over books, articles, textbooks, forums, and asking questions of my fellow coaches, so I can share that information with my clients, rather than leaving them to wade through the sea of (mostly bullshit) on Google.


As a violin teacher, I collected knowledge and experience through countless lessons, rehearsals, and masterclasses, and built a library of pedagogical works that cost me thousands. So when one of my students got stuck, I knew exactly what exercises and books to pull from my shelves to push them through those walls.


Learning an instrument, becoming “good” at fitness, and building a business all have a lot in common. Once you learn, and more importantly, practice, the technique of building a skill, you will be able to succeed at anything, from learning a language, to unfucking your personal finances, to designing all aspects of a lifestyle on your terms.
Once I realized it takes the same efforts to learn any skill or attain any goal, and that those efforts are teachable—and, knowing I’ve been an effective and successful violin teacher and fitness coach—I knew I had something with the ability to have a profound impact.
I founded Ritual Coaching a long time ago, with the intention that it would be a skill coaching company. It originally took the guise of a fitness coaching company, but now it will be reborn under its true form, a ritual coaching company.
Your rituals shape every part of your life, from your own health, to the impact you have on others. They have the power to drive a life that most only dream of, and the power to land you on the sidewalk, shaking the coffee cup you stole out of the trash. Or, one of the most common scenarios, if you do not cultivate the right rituals, you’ll simply remain stagnant.
Because a great teacher and a great network are still useless if you think of building your skill as an item on your to-do list. It must become a habit, finding as natural of a place in your routine as having your first cup of coffee in the morning.
It’s easy to read about what I did. It’s easy to read about goal-setting, scheduling, and taking action. But we’re not used to holding ourselves accountable, so we rarely set our plans in motion until we’re fed up with our inaction.
That’s where the Clandestine Round Table Facebook group and Ritual Coaching come into play. Coaching with me will only be available to subscribers of the Sorcerers Guild newsletter, which won’t be available for a few weeks yet.

The Clandestine Round Table, however, opens today, and there are only 20 seats at the table.

I’m not alone anymore because I’ve found the networks I want to be a part of for my various pursuits.

When you’re ready to invest in your future with the power of your voice and ideas, you’re invited to join the rest of the clan here:

Note: access to this free group closes in 72 hours or when there are 20 members, whichever comes first.

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