A message for WANTrepreneurs

“A little self-delusion goes a long way…”

..I distractedly pounded into an iMessage while side-stepping used heroin needles, piles of dog poop, and trying not to end up as roadkill.

(The walk to my yoga studio doesn’t take me through the nicest part of town…)

Clandestine Round Table member + Email Imagery student Jorden Pagel and I were talking about what it takes to thrive in this whacky online world when I spat out the golden nugget above.

If there was ever a secret to “making it” in the online world and gaining the “Freedom!” and “Riches!” it promises…I assure you…a borderline-delusional level of self-belief is all but mandatory.

Think about it —

When you don’t know what you’re doing, where your first sale is going to come from, or if you’re idea is something people want…I’ll be one of the first to tell you it’s NOT easy to believe in yourself.

At least…if you follow conventional ways of thinking.

Now, the way I see it is: it’s nobody else’s responsibility to believe in you (if they even care about what you’re doing), just as it’s your responsibility to feed yourself, provide for your family, and maintain your health—and it’s ALSO your responsibility to believe in yourself.

Because nobody else is going to do it for you, and nobody else is going to EVER believe in you and what you can do…unless you do.

After some heavy discussions in the Round Table over its first week of existence, it’s plain as day that MANY people are suffering from a LACK of borderline-delusional self-belief.

The worst part is that this insidious lack of self-belief is so deeply rooted most don’t realize it’s holding them back.

Fortunately for you, the first issue of the Sorcerers Guild has been carefully written to help you disassemble your limiting and/or sabotaging self-beliefs, and fill you with a flood of delusional self-belief (a flood like the heroin flooding from needles into the arms of people all over the streets of Vancouver).

It’s powerful stuff when you can tap into this higher frequency of self-belief.

And I’m going to show you exactly how to do so…

To make sure you don’t miss the first issue of the Guild, do the following:

1. Click the link below to add your name to the pre-sale list.

2. When I send out a pre-sale list exclusive magic spell (which when used will unlock an exclusive lifetime founders rate), you’ll have 24 hours to cast said spell before it expires.

3. Wait patiently until the day after the launch when I send the first issue to the printer.


Here’s the link:


(Note: clicking the link above will automatically add your name to the Sorcerers Guild pre-sale list, take you to a clip from Rick & Morty, the greatest animated show of all time, and allow you to gain access to the Sorcerers Guild launch special 24 hours before anyone else on this list or my social media channels does)

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