Copywriter. Anti-Meathead.Words Matter.

M’name be Alexander Mullan.

I’m an email copywriter who spends his days sipping on espresso, listening to the playlist I made whilst rolling on Molly, and crafting emails, launch sequences and autoresponders that rake in bundles of cash, and hordes of new customers for my clients, without doing any of the shady shyt that most marketers pull.

That Ain’t My Bag.

Here’s what I’m about:

For the past 5 years, damn near every thought I’ve had, action I’ve taken, and decision I’ve made has been made keeping my nearest and dearest mission in mind.

Which is to open up a cafe of my very own on my 30th birthday, without borrowing a dime, or scrounging the street for investors like a rat after scraps.

As you read this aboot page and devour my daily emails, you’ve joined me on the mission to open the doors to Amor Fati.

Thank you, and welcome to my coffee-stained corner of the internet.

If we’re being blunt and upfront, this website is here to make money.

But, not just for me, Amor Fati, or to fuel my raging espresso addiction.

For you as well.

While I’m not one to get a raging boner over quotes, there are a few I love, and aim to align my missions with.

One of them being:

A rising tide raises all ships

Meaning, the more I earn, and the more I learn…the more value I can create for you, and the more I can help you earn.

If the world’s greatest comedian, Jerry Seinfeld were to hold a sword to my throat, stating I had to slap a theme on this website, and its underlying purpose, or it’d be off with me head; I’d say this website exists to create the rising tide that raises all of our ships.

And so it is.

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