Yo, I’m Meathead Mullan and I am not your average meathead.

I draw upon the discipline and experience gleaned from 13 years as an athlete, and 6 years of being a meathead to teach men who are fed up with looking at the same unchanging physique month after month, feeling weak in the gym, powerless in their life, and have lost all self-confidence to make their physique great again.

As the Physique Architect and resident Meathead of MASSthetics, I help men around the world build muscle, melt unwanted fat, and elevate their confidence to levels of which they’ve never experienced.

Since the inception of MASSthetics in February of 2016, the words of this self-professed “un-average meathead” have been featured everywhere from T-Nation,, Roman Fitness Systems, The Good Men Project, and has even taken up a monthly column at EliteFTS.

Truth be told, at the core of MASSthetics is a burning desire to help you reclaim your self-confidence, and build a remarkable physique to go along with it.

Because when you look incredible, you feel incredible. When you feel incredible, amazing things begin to happen in your life. 

I’ve experienced firsthand and seen the effects upon the lives of clients I’ve worked with that building muscle and melting fat can have upon your relationships, jobs, success, and sense of self-confidence.

My mission is to share those results with the world, while using the creation of a jaw-dropping physique as the vehicle to get there.

If you’ve found yourself saying any of the following, then you’ve come to the right place.

“I’m sick and tired of seeing less dedicated lifters get better results than me.” 

“Why is it so hard for me to add a couple inches to my arms and round out my shoulders?”

“There’s so much information out there. I don’t know who to believe or where to start.”

“One day I want to be able to look in the mirror, and be proud of what I see.”

“I look the same as I did this time last year.”

“I’ve watched my stomach get bigger, my muscles disappear and my confidence vanish. It’s time to change.”

Alex Mullan

MASSthetics is here to:

Show you how to leave the gym with a ridiculous pump and dripping with sweat, knowing you left all you’ve got on the gym floor and you’ve found the perfect program for you.

How having a clear, definitive mission will topple any obstacles in your path, like dominos falling down a well.

Experience the cascade of testosterone that rushes from head to toe when weights that used to bury you are now your bitch, and people start asking you for advice.

Dole out newfound surges of confidence as you throw another pair of 25 pound plates onto your back squat, feeling your quads stretch your shorts a little more with each rep.

How the simple act of chipping away at your physique, like Michelangelo to the Statue of David, can reshape your attitude and outlook.

Mi amigo, it all starts when you raise your middle finger to the notion of being average, and take responsibility for your health, life, and physique.

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I’ll see you at the squat rack.

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