The quality of progress you make, the information you learn, and the results you attain directly relate to the quality of questions that you ask yourself, and direct at those with more knowledge than you.

Asking good questions is a skill that few possess these days, and it could well be the one thing that’s holding you back the most from seeing the results you want.

The clients I’ve had the most success with?

The members of Mullan’s Meatheads seeing the best results?

Without fail, they’re always the ones who not only ask frequent questions, but make a point of asking good questions.

As an example, a few days back I had an exchange with a follower on Instagram (@alexmullan13 if you haven’t yet joined the fun), and her question was essentially asking what I had in the two bottles I was sipping on while I trained.

Then she asked what else I had in there, why the colours were different, how much of each ingredient, and the list of relatively useless questions went on for some time.

If all you want to be able to do is take information at face value and regurgitate it, cool.

But, that’s not how you improve, learn to think on your feet, or be able to make decisions on your own.

Instead of asking what the reasoning behind something is, practice reframing your curiosity into something productive, and ask why something is done a certain way.

If I’d been asked why I was drinking from two bottles during my session, she would have learned that I had wanted to make sure I was staying hydrated (I always finish what I drink while I train), that one had an Essential Amino Acid mix to aid recovery and provide nutrients, citrulline malate for ATP production and intra-set recovery, beta alanine to buffer acid in muscle tissue and decrease fatigue, and 15g of carbs in the other bottle for nutrients and to enhance my pump.

Knowing the above you can then think, see what applies to your goals, and form your own conclusions.

The ability to ask better questions is a mindset shift that you can quite literally apply to anything that piques your curiosity.

The quality of your questions = the quality of your results, knowledge, and progress.

Playing follow the leader can be great in the beginning, but you’ll find yourself up against the ceiling sooner rather than later.

That there ceiling, dear Meathead, is no place to be.

Mullan’s Meatheads instils this mindset into everyone inside, and leaves no meathead stuck against the ceiling.

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Yours in MASS,

_Meathead Mullan