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The overwhelming majority of businesses fail for one reason. It’s the same reason my first kick at the online-business-can five years ago was an utter embarrassment. And it’s the same reason why my second kick wasn’t a failure, as well as what ultimately led to becoming a freelance copywriter, then an email marketing specialist, all Read More

“It’s nice being able to talk with somebody who gets it, and is doing this online business thing themselves…”^^The words above spilled out of Copy & Coffee student Terrell’s mouth as we wrapped up our weekly call.She’s not alone.Neither are you.Many are seduced into this world of online business by the allure of freedom, ease Read More

Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Thailand, the UK, Mexico, ‘Murica, and the Great Land of Canadia… The more of the world I see, the more proof I gather of how few people actually lift, take the time to build a physique, and give a damn about their body and health. Following my view of fitness being Read More

One of my “must-do” activities when travelling is to seek out any and all specialty coffee shops around where I’m staying, and spend a good chunk of time in them. Reasons being: Foremost, I’m all about that third-wave, hipster, “lemme nerd out on this for a while” kinda coffee. Fuck your burnt Starbucks swill. Feeding Read More

Valencia, SpainTuesday, 10:33amStatus: unfortunately uncaffeinated===I haven’t travelled like this in a long time, and I’ve been reminded of why I prefer to stay in one spot for 7-10 days (rather than 2-4) before even thinking about moving on.Reason being?It’s much easier to get hold onto a semblance of routine and stability, which are essential for Read More