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This is the REAL reason why people give up on their missions……I thought while pushing the limits of my mind, focus, and body while trying to keep from slipping on my own sweat during yoga last week.After being smacked with the realization I’m WAY too young to experience shooting pain through my lower back when Read more

“Do you think anyone has had their butthole tattooed?” I asked Alicia while walking home from a morning work block earlier this week.“Absolutely. Everyone has done everything in the history of everything by this point.”“Ah-ha, there’s an email in there.”When you’ve spent years of your life studying marketing, copywriting, and persuasion, you start to see Read more

How many times have you failed? I’ve failed more times than I care to count. My first go-around at a fitness business managed to leave me two grand and change in the hole over a 6-month period. I made a half-assed attempt at starting a “movement” by way of selling overpriced snapbacks. They were great Read more

“A little self-delusion goes a long way…” ..I distractedly pounded into an iMessage while side-stepping used heroin needles, piles of dog poop, and trying not to end up as roadkill. (The walk to my yoga studio doesn’t take me through the nicest part of town…) Clandestine Round Table member + Email Imagery student Jorden Pagel Read more

Are your preconceived notions holding you back from the world you want? At the ripe young age of somewhere between 7-10 I swore off onions, shrimp, and eggplant (to name a few). In short, I was a fairly typical kid when it came to food choices. Honestly, holding onto decisions and preferences made by my Read more