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“I’ve been immersed in fitness for so long, that’s the only industry I know, and it’s so saturated…”— Matt, member of the Clandestine Round TableIf market saturation—not only in fitness, but ANY market—is an excuse you’re hiding behind, I’ve got a spoonful of medicine for you.The fitness market is NOT saturated, nor is whichever market Read more

After two weeks of holding regular meetings at the Clandestine Round Table, a few unsolicited comments have come my way about the pending release of the Sorcerers Guild. Dan White shares his blue ball woes… === Hola amigo, just wanted to share something with ya. If it’s possible to intellectually cast blue balls on someone Read more

“No…no…don’t start there…” …I thought while sitting on the couch at my barbershop on Saturday afternoon. I was listening to my barber and one of her co-workers talk about the logo she wanted to design for the business idea she’d cooked up. They went deep on the subject… “It has to have a purpose” “Be Read more

Pissing on Rules

Do you think rules exist for good reason?Or are they made to be broken?I’m of the mind some rules should be absolutely shattered into oblivion…While the rest are meant to be bent as you see fit.Especially if the way a particular rule is laid out ain’t your cup of tea.For example…— You don’t have to Read more

Information <<<<< Insight

Check out this tweet I came across earlier this week: === Information = so abundant it’s worth practically nothing Knowledge = scarce enough to be worth $, price determined by supply & demand, distribution follows a bell curve Insight = so rare it could be worth a fortune, distribution is fat-tailed and the Black Swan Read more