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Do you want to carve out your own uninhibited corner of the world?Maybe you want to be able to live in a new country every three months…Devote three whole afternoons a week to learning a new skill…Earn enough to fly first class anywhere in the world…Take your family on luxurious vacations…Or maybe you want to Read more

We’re inching ever closer to the launch, and printing of the first Sorcerers Guild issue.I must admit, this feels by far like the most important work I’ve done to date, with the most potential for helping people sort their shit out, put together a plan that makes sense, and build their ideal world.I know this Read more

Alicia reads the last of her introductory scrolls…=== Yesterday, I talked about one of the biggest lessons I learned when I quit quitting and started actually sticking to things. Big things, like learning to play the violin at a professional level after picking it up a decade later than I “should” have. And stepping on Read more

Did you catch yesterday’s message? If not, search your inbox for “MSG from Alicia,” then come back to this email, where part two is waiting for you. Here’s Alicia with Part 2 of her 3-part introduction: === I first began dabbling in sorcery when I learned how to play the violin at the age of Read more

MSG from Alicia

Today’s email is sailing in on a different tack.I’ve spoken of Alicia before, and many of the stories I’ve shared over the past few months have involved her.After much plotting, scheming, and ingesting potions together, we’ve mapped out how she’s going to have a larger role in the world of the Sorcerers Guild.Aside from dropping Read more