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“Perfect…the entire night was just perfect…” …I said as we made our way back to the hotel room. The sole reason this adventure to Japan came into existence is because Kygo, an artist Alicia and I bonded over the night we became a “thing,” was performing in Tokyo on her birthday (Japan being a country Read more

The following is inspired by a recent facebook post I read from friend, client (and future Sorcerers Guild subscriber), Eric Bach… I have a confession. Since I bit the bullet and pulled the plug on my fitness business back in January, I’ve felt as if I’m juggling flaming chainsaws while riding a unicycle in the Read more

Recently we had a discussion in The Clandestine Round Table about what’s most important to you, and how you’re spending your time. Taking time to mediate upon a) what’s most important to you and b) where you’re actually spending your time and energy makes for a valuable mental audit and thought exercise everyone should do Read more

Alicia and I are headed to a Kygo concert in Tokyo tonight, so I’m keeping today’s address short, sweet, and snappy. Real talk: After pivoting what I talk about in these here emails twice over the course of the past ten months, you’re on this email list for a reason. And I can only assume Read more

Eating shit sandwiches

“You’re gonna have to eat a shit sandwich more often than you’d like…”   You see, nothing in life is linear.With any skill you’re learning, habit you’re forming, or mission you’re working on, your progress will never be linear.   You will have good days, bad days, and bloody brilliant days.There will be plenty of Read more