Burning down your monument to compromise

Going against the grain is not easy.

Neither is figuring out how to live your best life.

Doing so means turning your back to the crowd, bucking the norm, and chasing what it is that YOU (and you alone) want.

Honestly, it’s a lonely path, and you will be faced with endless doubts.

Character flaws and personal problems you were able to bury for years will rear their head and try to pull you back.

So will people who you thought were your friends.

You might harbour fear that you will be left behind.

If this is the case, your fear is not unjustified, but it IS misplaced.

Because if you consistently take strides to better yourself, your missions, and your life, it is not you who will be left behind.

It those around you who are unwilling to do the same who will be left, while you surge ahead.

Same paint, different brush. A better brush.

This is a truth you might not want to hear. But as they say, “the truth will set you free.”

The longer you wait to act, the harder it becomes.

Your habitual thoughts, actions, and decisions, ones you KNOW are holding you back, become more ingrained with each passing day.

The sooner you can interrupt their pattern, the easier it will be to build and ingrain new ones.

You can consume all the glorious content that you want.

You can talk to all the people on the planet who are living how you want to.

You can make all the positive affirmations you want, practice visualization, and review your goals every single day.

To be clear, I’m not shitting on these things. I’ve personally had a lot of success with regular practice of positive affirmations and visualization.

The operative point being that NONE of this matters or will have any impact whatsoever unless you’re willing to rip off your shackles, turn your back, and give yourself to your mission(s).

Taking action is what precedes, underlies, and drives you forward.

Without it, you’ll remain an empty shell of a human being, stuck building a monument to compromise that you can’t stand the sight of.

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