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Another trip down the Facebook Memories lane:I stumbled upon an image I shared three years ago.Said image is essentially a meme I made three years ago with the following lines splashed over a black chalkboard background:===Give a fuck about people.Do something cool.Live for the moment.Fuck the rest.===Honestly, I’m a little taken aback at young A Read more

66 million years before the emergence of Homo sapiens, the crusty old “cavemen” were busy scratching their stories, advancements, culture, and history into the very walls in which they lived. To that, storytelling has been a part of what we humans have done since before we were technically humans. Stories were and are how we Read more

This email contains a cautionary tale and lesson from one of my close friends (and few remaining training clients). For the sake of this email, said friend will be referred to as Tommy. And awwwaaay we gooooo. For the past two years I’ve watched, guided, and supported this swole motherfucker as he worked his ass Read more

Uncommon truth: Not all “lifestyle design” is about Ferraris, Rolex watches, or popping bottles. My friend Josh likes mixing music, dancing, occasional heavy boozing, and being one jacked motherfucker. Robbie likes writing, brooding, nature walks, and the occasional dram of whiskey. Mike likes bombing around the British countryside in his BMW M3, pretending to like Read more

If you wish to shed the shackles of geographic, time, and financial constraints in your life, there are a few non-negotiables you must live by:1. Know your mission(s), and serve yourself daily reminders.2. Walk boldly into that which scares you. Your fears are often what light the way forward.3. Accept that whatever happens in your Read more