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Your environment contains an absurd amount of power. Control it or it will control you. First, understand that “environment” is NOT limited to where you live.There’s so, so much more that feeds into your environment.The people you surround yourself, content you consume, and how you spend your time are all part of this. Here’s how Read more

Five years ago young A. Mullan had a dream to earn a comfortable living online, travel at will, and have the freedom to do whatever he wanted, where he wanted, with who he wanted. The first two-and-a-half years consisted of two failed business ventures, and a whole lotta shoving my thumbs waaaaay up my butthole Read more

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from Ben Settle, the world’s most delightful curmudgeon of a copywriter, is the Four Quarters vs. 100 Pennies principles.I’ve taken this a step further as I realized that I’d much rather have a single dollar bill than four quarters jingling around.Let’s get on with it…Which would you Read more

Death is as common as a tree—and something that we are all going to face one day.This is a fact of life. One that we forget so often we must actively remind ourselves of it.Which is the part of the meaning behind two of my tattoos —1. The semicolon I shared with you earlier this Read more

My favourite way to spend time on Facebook is scrolling through the ‘on this day feature.’I find it fascinating to see what stoned-as-a-goat 16yr old Alex would share (typically hip-hop quotes, cryptic half-baked thoughts, and nonsensical ramblings).But the real reason I make a point of checking out what happened in the past is to see Read more