Failure is a familiar Friend

How many times have you failed?

I’ve failed more times than I care to count.

My first go-around at a fitness business managed to leave me two grand and change in the hole over a 6-month period.

I made a half-assed attempt at starting a “movement” by way of selling overpriced snapbacks. They were great hats, but I still didn’t know sweet fuck-all about sales, marketing, or understanding how to drive people to take action.

I’ve fucked up a relationship that quite honestly, many would have killed for (this was a hard, but a necessary lesson for me to learn).

I can’t count the number of times I’ve stated to myself I’d work on building a new habit, reading regularly, et al, and thrown in the towel within days.

I’m certainly no stranger to investing in courses which could have generated a tidy ROI…if I’d actually taken action on the information gained.

And these are only the failures I can pluck off the top of my head.

Failure is a familiar friend…and not one I make a habit of hanging out with.

The way I see it, failure is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, failure teaches you what you don’t know. If you’ve got the feet to hear and hands to see between lines, you’ll find the path forward hidden amongst your failures.

My colossal disappointment of the first stab at building a fitness business taught me I needed to learn the ins and outs of sales & marketing.

Which is quite literally THE reason why my second attempt gained me the freedom to travel, control my time, and live the “laptop lifestyle” I so craved at the time.

But on the other side of the lessons buried amongst failure is the knife of self-doubt that slides its blade between your ribs and twists…tearing tissue, cracking bone, and creating a never-healing wound for your self-belief and confidence to ooze out of.

I know what this feels like.

To be blunt, it fucking sucks, and can sabotage ALL your future heists, schemes, and capers if you don’t know how to fill the hole, stop the bleeding, and summon the strength to start again.

I can show you how to heal the wounds inflicted by failure.

You see, all the failures above…I’ve figured out how to ignore the pain, find the lessons, and use them to generate better results at my next go-around.

If you need proof…

My copywriting business pulls mid-four figures to low-five figures each month.

In my relationships, I’ve figured out how to lift my girl and friends up, enhancing their quality of life, rather than drag it down.

I’ve learned to limit my consumption to 1-3 sources at any given time, and have even developed a system for maximizing this (without wasting time, money, or effort).

And, inside the first issue of the Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter I’ve included the principles, plus an exercise and challenge, that I’ve used to use my failures as momentum to keep trying, improving, and building.

While I won’t make any promises (too many variables) I’d be quite surprised if they didn’t work for you as they’ve worked for me.

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