I’ve been staring at the top of this damn post trying to figure out how to open it for entirely too long, and I’m stumped. Hence this paragraph narrating why I’m opening today’s email in a wildly off-topic way.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to bid’ness.

While the data is limited thus far, changing how I make purchases has improved my life for the better. Not to mention doing so has vastly improved my post-purchase satisfaction, without fail.

What I did in the past was use the see-all power of the internet to find exactly what I wanted (or thought I wanted), march into the nearest store with my head down, ignore all offers for help from staff, grab whatever I’d set my heart on, and march out. Mission accomplished.

The problem in this method, though, I was rarely satisfied with what I ended up with, and my stubborn pride never allowed me to take it back, and attempt to find something better.

Okay, here’s the shift I made: 

Instead of marching in with the exact product in mind, I’ve been going into stores with no product in mind, and allowing the expertise of the owner to help me find what I needed.

Think of it this way: if I knew so much about shoes or headphones (the last two things I’ve bought in this manner), I’d be working in these stores myself, sharing my knowledge with every customer who walked through the door.

Instead, I’m emailing you every single day while helping countless men and women achieve their jacked, shredded, and tanned desires.

If you want an exceptional experience, to enhance your satisfaction, and to shorten your learning curve: 

Stay in your lane of expertise, and defer to people who know more than you.

When I needed new shoes a few weeks ago, I only knew that I needed a pair I could comfortably walk in for a while, and could be worn to two formal events. I didn’t know jack-shit about which style, make, material, or any of the other factors that you should consider when buying shoes.

As a result, I spent a fantastic thirty minutes half an hour with an incredibly knowledgable girl who helped me dig through 7 different options, the pros and cons of each, I was able to ask her opinion, and I ended up leaving with a pair of shoes that I absolutely love, and have barely left my feet since.

Headphones were even more tricky.

Every wannabe audiophile on the internet has their idea of what makes a great pair of earphones, but rarely do they consider that everyone has wildly different needs for headphones.

Seeing as about 80% of my headphone use is while I train, I knew that I wanted something durable, sweat-resistant, and wireless.

Which doesn’t exactly narrow things down.

Enter the owner of The Headphone Bar (yup, a shop that sells nothing but headphones), who was able to explain the differences between each model he carried, detail the sound quality, narrowed my selection down to those which matched my specific needs, then provided samples of each to try so I could ensure a great fit and test the sound before making a decision.

None of which would have happened had I blindly ordered off the internet or walked in and grabbed the first pair I saw.

Now, not only have I ended up with two products which I love, and are exactly what I was looking for, but my overall experience in both instances was incredible, all because I deferred to people who knew more than I.

Here’s the deal: fitness is no different.

Yes, there’s a whack of information available for free on the internet which you can immerse yourself in.

Yes, you can spend days upon days sifting through it all, trying to analyze the mis-information, and come up with a plan that may or may not work for you.

Yes, you *might* see the results you want.

The chances of you loving your results like I currently am with my shoes and headphones?

Welp, honestly, they’re not that great.

To that end, what good reason do you have for wasting your precious time trying to figure it all out on your own, when all you really want is to build some muscle, drop some fat, and look damn good on the beach?

fitness advice

I dunno about you, but fuck wasting time achieving what you want.

This is where working one-on-one with a trusted coach who has a track record for getting people results is so valuable.

You can shortcut the learning curve.

You can avoid mistakes and setbacks before they have a chance to befall you.

You can tap into the in-the-trenches experience and expertise that comes from having been a goddamn meathead and working with clients for the past 4 years.

All of which you can take advantage of by joining the swoley crew within Mullan’s Meatheads:


Yours in MASS,

_Meathead Mullan