I have a journal that I fill out every single morning while I lay in bed, checking my HRV (heart rate variability) score, and rubbing the sleep outta my eyes.

It’s my Gratitude Journal.

Should I feel so inclined, I could ramble on for ages about the hippy-dippy, woo-woo benefits of practicing gratitude. But, I’d rather not waste words on such fluff. Besides, much of it is bullshit.

What practicing gratitude really boils down to, is developing awareness of all the great people, events, and things in your life.

The shit that makes you tick, and goddamn sing.

If we rewind the clock three years or so, you’ll find me and my then training partner rolling through the Starbucks drive-thru at approximately 6:17am every single morning. Quite literally rolling through, as the morning baristas recognized my car, knew who we were, and always had our order ready minutes before we’d show up.

Gratitude journal


Quad ristretto espressos with half an ounce of heavy cream in hand, Avenged Sevenfold or Eminem bumping through the speakers, we’d make our way to the gym and park, but not get out.

Instead, we’d each pull out our phones, put our heads down, and open up the same Gratitude Journal app, The 5 Minute Journal (to this day, I still use this same app).

When you open the app, the first thing that loads is a quote. Sometimes they’re incredibly cheesy and worthless. Other times, quite profound. The variance always kept the ritual fresh and interesting, and the act of reading the quote itself served to help slip into the right mindset for what’s to come.

Then comes the truly important question: “What are three things that you’re grateful for?”

More often than not, those three slots are filled with the names of people I hold dear, or something profoundly *nice* that someone has done for me.


Not things. Rarely feelings. Occasionally places. Hell, many days the name of the barista who most often handed us our espressos took up the top spot (perhaps not-so-coincidentally we soon ended up dating for two and a half years).

Even though I recognize that maintaining relationships is something I’ve struggled with of late, every momentous, memorable moment in my life, big win, or massive leap forward has come as a result of fostering relationships with people.

Here’s the bottom line:

Whatever you want from life, whatever you’re looking to achieve, and whatever it is that you’re chasing…the results and impact will be affected by those around you.

You rise or fall to the level of those around you.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who understand your mission, support your vision, and will help you as readily as you’ll help them…and you will prosper.

Choose poorly…and you will languish, never attaining what you want, and never reaching your true potential.

It’s a simple thought in principle, but not always easy to act on.

Now, go thank someone special in your life for all that they do, and for simply being a part of your life.

Yours in MASS,

_Meathead Mullan

PS. The bond shared between lifters of similar mission and mindset is unlike anything else.

When you can communicate for an entire session without actually speaking a word, that’s when you know you’ve got something special going on.

It’s this level of bond that exists within Mullan’s Meatheads.

It’s this level of camaraderie that’s helping lifters progress faster than they ever have before.

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