A Dripping-In-Sweat, Grimy Arm and Shoulder Session 

I don’t know about you, but I love training. In my eyes, it’s not something I have to do, rather it’s something I have the sheer fortune to be able to do.

Within training sessions themselves, it’s truly hard for me to label which body part brings me the most joy to train. Back, chest, legs…all are glorious in their own right.

But, there’s something special about the sublime feeling that comes with a dripping-in-sweat, grimy, arm and shoulder session that leaves you gasping for breath at the end of each set (not easy to accomplish when training such small muscle groups), and with an utterly skin-splitting pump.

I took the baby below out for a spin earlier in the week and, well, you’ll see…


A1. Single Arm DB Preacher Curls 5×8-10

Do a few feeler sets before you start working. Full ROM here, and push the weight. use a 2-3s eccentric, and flex hard at the top before your next rep. Start with your weakest arm. Move right into the other arm, then rest 60-90s between sets.

B1. BB Curls 5×6-8

Use a 2101 tempo, and curl some weight. Increment up in weight on each set, with your last set flirting with failure. Take 90s between sets.

C1. Single Arm Overhead DB Extensions 5×8-10

Play with your grip to find where you get the deepest stretch. I’d lean against a bench at a high incline or the preacher curl for some back support. Start with your weakest arm. Move right into the other arm, then rest 60-90s between sets.

D1. Close Grip Bench Press 5×6-8

Nice and narrow grip here. Lower over 3s, pause, then explode into a hard contraction. Add a little weight on each set, with your last set being near failure. 90s rest.

E1. Single Arm Leaning DB Laterals 5×12-15

Keep your grip prone at all times, and aim to get the DB up to your ear height. No rest between arms, 45s rest between sets.

F1. Standing Military Press 5×6-8

You can use the smith machine if you want for these. Focus on thoracic extension and keeping your lumbar neutral. 3s eccentric, and a hard contraction. You should be flirting with failure on each set. 


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Yours in MASS,

_Meathead Mullan