How To Be Smarter Than A Parsnip

I’ve taken on a whole lotta new responsibilities in the past 7 months.

Much more than anticipated.

No longer is life merely about keeping a roof over my head, belly full, and having a plane ticket waiting in the wings.

I have clients who trust me with the growth and direction of their respective businesses.

Friends whom I’ve developed deeper bonds with than I honestly thought possible. These are people I will move mountains for.

I have my expectations and non-negotiable values to maintain for the sake of my own business, body, and well-being.

Then I have Alicia, who maintains I saved her life (a long story for a long email on another day), and is someone I will move planets for.

To point out the obvious: moving mountains and planets is exhausting.

A mere 12 months ago, my largest responsibility was ensuring I didn’t fuck up my health by eating ALL of the food after my last bodybuilding competition.

Now I have a Family of many parts, a business tracking towards clearing six-figures in 2018, and people who rely on me to deliver results.

I’ve come a long way from the quiet kid in high school who was best known as “the guy” if someone wanted a gram or two of weed on short notice.

I’ve come a long way from the hockey-playing rapscallion who broke up with his “high school sweetheart” because an older, hot blonde began flirting with him at the gym.

Hell, I’ve come a long way from the meathead fitness coach who only cared about hitting his macros.

If you’ve read even a handful of my emails, you know I’m not saying this to brag, boast, or beg for sympathy.

Rather, to share a lesson I’m in the midst of learning the hard way: what to do when the weight of your responsibilities wears you down.

Because you can’t help people in the way they need if you have the emotional intelligence and capabilities of a parsnip.

But using that intelligence and those capabilities  will wear on you.

Living proof: this email was written in the depths of a “I want nothing to do with anything or anyone” phase (largely because cathartic writing never fails to help me dig through whatever’s going on in my head).

When the weight of what you’ve taken on exhausts you, I’ve found the following solutions:

1. Write through it (or if writing ain’t for you, talk it out, even if to yourself in the mirror)

2. Take a day, an afternoon, or whatever you need to distance yourself from responsibility. Let your battery recharge, do things that bring you peace, calm, and a sense of control.

It’s the only way to regain and maintain control over your thoughts, emotions, actions, and decisions.

3. Remind yourself of your missions, what’s important in your life. Refocus, and attack once more.

Let’s get to the rub:

You need to create boundaries, and stand by them with the same ferocity and determination required to move planets for someone you love.

To live without boundaries is to live the life of others—and that’s no way to live life on your own terms.

Which, as you surely know by now, is what the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter will teach you.

Chiefly, how to gain and maintain control over thoughts, actions, decisions, and emotions, then how to apply that control to build, and live life on your own terms.

I’m sending the first issue to the printer after the newsletter launches in August.

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_A. Mullan

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