How to consistently generate GREAT ideas

Great ideas are NOT something reserved for the genetically elite, superhumans, or Elon Musks of the world.

No, the ability to generate great ideas is both a skill, and a habit.

Meaning, the fine and whimsical art of generating ideas is both something you can develop, become better at, and implement into your way of being.

But, like any skill or habit development process, it’s going to require concentrated effort, diligent work, and recognition that it will be a struggle in the short-term.

Idea generation is then made more challenging by the fact that it’s a rather whimsical process, with its highest ROI activity being to simply sit and think.

At the end of the day, that’s what idea generation really boils down to…

Creating dedicated time and space to think about your business, your life, your message, your relationships, your worldbuilding adventures, and then distill (ideally great) ideas from your swirling vortex of thoughts to implement moving forward.

To simplify and systematize this process for you, there are four crucial aspects to the sorcerous thinking process required for batting out great ideas.

These crucial aspects every step of the ideation process from conception to clarity of thought to the mandatory marination period.

And I’ve stuffed the practical “how to” secrets for generating, vetting, validating, and pr0fiting from your best ideas into the November issue of The Sorcerers Guild.


— A four-step system for consistently generating great ideas (for marketing, products, content, your worldbuilding adventures, or otherwise)

— My whimsical wizarding process for generating ideas (the golden, the downright ugly, and the wildly pr0fitable ones)

— The “Village Idiot-Proof” method for testing and validating your ideas (it’s better to find out if your idea is gold or dogshit before you pour a ton of time, energy, cash, and attention into it…and the “Village Idiot-Proof” step-by-step system will do exactly that)

— My fabled recipe for Creationserum (the secret potion I sip to ensure I never run dry for ideas of what to write about)

— How to tap into, develop, and harness the power of your inner marketing mind (everybody has a marketing mind, and it’s one of the valuable skills you can develop…and this issue shall teach you how to use this power for your own good)

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