I Love the Smell of Responsibility in Morning

Chances are, if you’re not where you want to be in any given aspect of your life, it’s likely because you’re failing to take personal responsibility.

Which, honestly, is not an easy thing to do.

But it’s also the absolute best fucking thing you can ever do for yourself, your future, your well-being, and for those you love today and will love in the future.

Man or Woman, YOU are the only one who is responsible for your current situation.

Sure, what happens to you might not be your fault, but that doesn’t negate the fact that how you react and respond is your responsibility.

Here are a few examples of situations I’ve found myself in where I wasn’t necessarily at fault, but resolution would only come by taking personal responsibility:

#1. Getting over a girl

Once upon a time I had a nearly three year relationship pulled out from under me. There’d been plans for the future, we were living together, and in my unaware eyes at the time, I assumed all was well.

All was not well, and in the aftermath I figured out the relationship fell apart because I wasn’t taking responsibility for much of anything (all I cared about at the time was building up my fitness business).

I’m not innocent in contributing to the demise of that relationship, as I took no responsibility for making an effort to be better.

But, when the “we need to talk” conversation rolled around, I had two choices then, and moving forward:

I could either place blame everywhere I could (other than on myself, of course), learn nothing, and set myself up for what would surely have been a string of similarly doomed relationships with women who deserved better.

As you may have gathered from an email sent titled ‘This email is about a Revolution” (it’s on my website if you haven’t read it), I choose the opposite path.

I recognized I’d fucked up, then took responsibility to ensure that I never made the same mistakes again.

Fast forward to today, and I’m engaged to one incredible lady.

And then we have my “bum” lifestyle…

#2. Building my “bum” lifestyle

Five years ago, after my first grand business failure, I took no responsibility for myself, my failure, or my life.

Instead of walking a path worth walking, I buried myself in bottles of vodka, four loko, wine, and more Jagerbombs than anyone should drink in their lifetime.

Rather than try again to build the lifestyle I wanted, I fell back on slinging skinny vanilla lattes at Starbucks. About the only thing I did self-improvement wise was go the gym.

Then, as these things go, I woke up one day after moving back in to my parents’ house for the third time, and realized I was done with drifting aimlessly.

I may not have formulated a road map or figured everything out on that sunny June day, but I began taking actions that have since led me from scraping by on my parents’ futon to easily paying more in rent working 20-25hrs/week on my own schedule than I would earn in 40-45hrs/week at Starbucks.

Not too shabby…

Alright, one more example…

#3. Putting an end to nail-biting

This instance of taking personal responsibility is more recent.

For my entire life I’ve carried a habit of picking, tearing, and biting my nails.

If I was nervous, bored, or lost in thought, you can best believe I’d be digging at my nails in some way.

That is, until 4-5 weeks ago.

It was a split decision that I vividly remember making while wandering through the canals of Amsterdam with Alicia.

Now, as I write this email, my nails are long overdue for a clipping, and I feel no urge to rip them off with my teeth.

If breaking a decades long habit in the blink of an eye isn’t a strange, yet accurate example of taking personal responsibility, I don’t know what is.

Ahh, how I love the smell of responsibility in the morning…

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