Improvement Season: The MASSthetics Training Log. Entry No. 3


Well hello, my fellow meathead.


The last entry in my improvement season training log came to you as I was wrapping up my time in Greece, and beginning the long trek back to the great land of Canadia.

Welp, I’ve been back in the Great White North for just under a month now, and have been doing little else other than training my face off (‘sup, two-a-days).

With 3-4 weeks left until prep officially starts, I’ve been doing everything I can to build as much new tissue as possible.

Let’s get what will likely be the final improvement season update before setting forth on the #roadtonationals.

Training for MASS.

The focus.

Size, size, and more size.

Provided I keep competing, I’ve got a suspicion that the main focus for a long while will be to continue accruing size. Currently, the emphasis is placed on back, legs (hamstrings mostly), and chest.

The execution.

As I was packing my bags in Greece, I had the *brilliant* idea to ask Allen if we could embark on a twice-per-day training phase as improvement season wraps up. With Allen’s blessing I’m mid-way through my 3rd cycle of this double training day program, and it’s been fucking awesome.

For those curious, here’s my split.

  • Day 1. (AM) Quads, (PM), Hamstrings
  • Day 2. Back & Biceps
  • Day 3. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
  • Day 4. OFF
  • Day 5. Legs
  • Day 6. (AM) Back & Biceps, (PM) Back & Triceps
  • Day 7. Chest & Shoulders
  • Day 8. OFF

Twice per week two-a-days. All of the volume. All of the intensity. All of the gains.

The result.

Honestly, I’m not sure I could ask for much more. Not one rep has been left unsqueezed, nor as a drop of sweat gone un-sweated. I’ve been absolutely loving training lately (seriously – I’ve been getting giddy with excitement before most of my sessions). From a cosmetic perspective, all this newfound size is tightening up, and getting wonderfully dense.

Nutrition for MASS.

The focus.

Like above, the focus is back to building muscle tissue (finally).

In my last log update, I mentioned how I’d been attempting (and fighting my body), to release some of the extra fat storage that I’d accumulated.

Finally, after nearly 10 weeks of quite a low calorie intake, things started to move in the right direction (being back in Canadia, and in a stable environment surely had something to do with that).

For the past 2 weeks now, we’ve been incrementing calories back up in effort for some last minute pre-prep gains.

Plus, starting a 4 month contest prep at 100-150g of carbs per day doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest.

The execution.

Consistency, always.

That’s it, meatheads.

No meals missed, no excuses made, and no punches pulled.

The result.

At this point, it seems all but certain that my weight isn’t going to come back down (as we we’re hoping for) until prep itself begins.

I mean, it keeps trending upward.

massthetics training log

I’ve gotta say, I’m pleased that I’m flirting with 195lbs, and don’t feel like a baby seal.

Thankfully though, everything seems to be solidifying (in a good way).

Supplementation for MASS.

The focus.

When I wrapped up my competition season last year, I knew I’d pulled a few punches, and thrown my health to the wind (mainly my digestion).

As food intake drops, systemic stress rises, and prep begins to exact it’s toll, it becomes quite important to cover your bases with smart supplementation, and give your body all the help and support you can.

Last season, I did the bare minimum, and I believe I paid a price for it.

A price I refuse to pay again this year.

The execution.

That being the case, I’ve wizened up some, and invested into shoring up my nutritional walls from here on out.

I wrote about everything I’m currently using here.

The result.

For starters, I’ve been feeling pretty damn great lately.

Like I mentioned above, my weight has made no effort to come down. Yet cosmetically speaking, everything is tightening up quite nicely. I won’t attribute this entirely to leaving no stone unturned with supplements, but it definitely plays a role.

The nearly nekkeds.

As always, no training log update is complete without some nearly nekkeds for you to look at.

Here are a couple shots from my latest check in.

massthetics training log

Next time there’s a training log update, the #roadtonationals will have officially begun.

And so it is.

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