9 Meathead Brain Farts

Here’re some meathead brain farts I think you’ll find interesting to muse upon over your morning coffee. To be precise, there’s 9 nuggets of sweaty, stanky, muscle-building, fat-melting knowledge waiting below.

One of the things I ramble on about within my swoley group training platform — Mullan’s Meatheads — is the importance of focusing on nailing the large, overarching principles of training, nutrition, and recovery, before thoughts of the little, fancy details should ever cross your mind.

I’ve seen many a dedicated meathead hinder their progress, sabotage their results, and ultimately, stand firmly in their own way by neglecting the big rocks that actually amount to progress, and searching for the magical hack or fantastical bit of voodoo (which doesn’t exist — sorry).

Hell, I’ve been guilty of doing so myself, and chances are that you’re no exception. Fortunately, the benefit of hindsight allows me to pinpoint such mistakes, and lay them out for your lifting, and protein-shake-drinking pleasure.

Check out these here meathead brain farts:

1. Protein powder is not a panacea of muscle building. Rather, it’s simply a convenient and rapidly digesting protein source which you can use to hit your required amount for the day.

2. Stimulate, don’t annihilate. I’ve written about this at length, but it bears repeating ad infinitum. You can only train as hard as you can recover. And if you’re not recovering, your efforts — fat loss or muscle building — will be for naught.

3. The gains you’re seeking do not reside in your tub of pre-workout.

meathead brain farts

However, there’re gains a plenty within a perfectly pulled shot of espresso.

4. Any supplement promising to “increase anabolism by 400%” (this was a “legit” claim I saw on a tub of silk amino acids a few years back) is a container of sleazy marketing bullshit. It’s no coincidence that silk amino acids never caught on (aside from their ability to promote hair growth and health).

5. Sacrificing your health for an “improved” aesthetic will bite you in the ass. Bulletproof your health, and the rest will fall into place.

6. You don’t have to take on this journey alone. Tapping into the power of accountability is one of the most impactful things you can do your results. You can do this with a friend, with a coach, or with a group platform, such as Mullan’s Meatheads. The medium matters not, so long as you subscribe to the principle, and execute.

7. Perpetually searching for a diet that comes with a name and label is a sure-fire way to spin your wheels. There is no perfect diet. You must put in the work, and take the time to find what works best for you.

meathead brain farts

That being said, Tacos are a perfect addition to any diet.

8. Protein takes precedence. If you’re brand new to this iron game, don’t worry about carbs and fats for the time being. Determine where your protein intake needs to be each day, then focus solely on hitting that. Then move onto the rest.

9. Become comfortable with doing the hard stuff. Improving your lifestyle, building muscle, and losing fat are not easy. They require you to make choices day-after-day. Choices which will either move you closer to, or further away from where you want to be. The most challenging path will almost always be the one that leads you to where you want to be.

Alright, enough is enough. Methinks that’s plenty for today.

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Yours in MASS,

_Meathead Mullan

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