Money is a tool to solve your problems

Time for a little money talk:

Over the past four months or so I’ve been thinking a lot about money, and what exactly it is.

After chewing on a few mushrooms, and consciously taking time to introspect, I’ve shaped my own perspective of money to be that of a tool, rather than something to simply strive for more of.

The way I see it, money is a tool you can use to solve problems in your life.

This holds true for something as basic as paying your rent.

When you pay your rent, you’re using money as a tool to solve the would-be problem of sleeping in a bush, cardboard box, or beneath a bridge.

When it comes to avoiding the problem of hunger, you use money as a tool to solve being hungry by buying groceries or a meal out.

These are basic problems we all use money to solve, but there are more whimsical examples to solve.

Buying scented candles, for example, solves the problem of having a shitty atmosphere and stanky smells in my castle.

Simply put, the more cash you have at your disposal, the more problems you can solve.

Big or little, pressing or not, more gold coins equates to solving problems. And the more you have at your disposal, the more problems you can solve by throwing money at it.

A recent example of this Alicia and I being faced with the prospect of staying in less-then-desirable conditions at no cost.

But the conditions were a problem for us.

So I booked a hotel, we went out for BBQ, and had a wonderful experience which we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Problem solved (and experience enhanced).

Similar was the case when I was sorting out how to handle the printing and delivery of The Sorcerers Guild newsletter.

Could have done it all myself, buuuuut that sounded about as fun as pulling out my own teeth with Donald Trump’s tweezers.

So I found a printing and fulfillment service to work with, where all I have to do is send them the coming newsletter issue and current list of Guild members each month.

Here’s the rub:

When you start using money as a resource to solve the problems you face, your world will open up before you.

And if you ask me, spending gold coins to solve your problems leads to a much happier life than sitting on them.

It’s quite the free feeling when you can throw money at a problem and make it disappear.

Which is one of my favourite benefits of having my own business.

As my income scales up, so to does my ability to solve problems, and build the world I want.

Money comes and goes, flowing from pocket to pocket.

It always has, and always will.

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Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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