The 3 Principles That Will Drive Your Results

It seems every other week there’s a new trend, fad, or magic trick making the rounds in the evermore-ridiculous fitness industry.

Every “shocking new discovery” touted by so-called exspurts, proclaimed to be the panacea of health, muscle building, and fat loss. I’ll admit, many times these “discoveries” can be damn convincing…

…until you realize two weeks later that these exspurts have flipped their 
own script, begun to demonize what they previously viewed as a global solution, and are already jumping all over the next shiny object.

Case and point, the recent article(s) extolling the so-called insidious, deleterious effects of coconut oil on your health.

While subscribing to the merry-go-round of less-than-helpful fitness advice above that the mainstream media, exspurts, and those chasing easy dollar after easy dollar endlessly spew can be tempting (they do do a damn fine job of marketing their phony advice), going deep into the dogma of the fitness industry – of which there’s no shortage – will never serve you well.

Sure, an objective view of the swirling dogma can be useful as you go about trying to find ideas that work for you.

But, the real progress, real change, real muscle gain, real fat loss, and real improvements to your health do not happen by jumping on the latest bandwagon, and changing what you do every time a new “health” article catches fire.

There are perennial principles of training, long-standing the test of time, that will carry your progress forward for years to come, in the process eliminating the need (and enticement) to dive headfirst into the latest piece of dogma the internet stands your way.

For example…

Principle #1. Chase progressive overload

Entering each session with the goal in mind of doing just a little bit more each time creates one hell of a powerful training effect. And it doesn’t have to be much more. 

2-3 more reps with the same weight as last week, 20 seconds less rest between sets, 5 more pounds on the bar, improved muscular control over the weight, and the list goes on. 

Implementing even one of the above methods will have you improving each time you train – and improvement is where results are borne from.

Case and point: the squats above are a mere 5 pounds heavier than the week before, and executed with more depth and control. Little things, but an example of progressive overload nonetheless.

Principle #2. Consistency, consistency, consistency

I will never tire of rambling on about the importance of consistency.

Consistency in your training, in your nutrition, in the lifestyle choices you make, and in relentlessly charging towards your goal. You become the sum of of your choices. You owe it to yourself to make great ones.

Principle #3. Accountability

Transparently, I wish I had an easier time of remaining focused on my goals without having to rely on accountability. While I’ve certainly improved in this aspect, my largest monthly expenses (even more than rent) go towards paying for people to hold me accountable to what I’m working towards accomplishing. 

Business, bodybuilding, and dedicated time to my education = these are three areas I deeply value, and want to improve in, yet I still need to have people keeping me line, reminding me of what’s important, and of the missions I’m on.

It’s no different when it comes to your aesthetic desires. No matter how badly you believe you want something, until you invest into yourself…into a coach, product, book, or course, you will be leaving results on the table.

Because we all know how easy it is to have a couple extra cookies or swap out homemade, on-plan turkey burgers for the stacked, bacon double cheeseburger at your favourite diner when you don’t have anyone to report to…to skip working on your book because you don’t feel like it, and would rather binge-watch Community (I can’t be the only one)…or let what was supposed to be one day of dietary relaxation turn into two days…then three…then four…next thing you know, you’re in the midst of a wild “fuck it” week.

It’s for this reason that I’ve gone out of my way to bake a hefty dose of accountability into my one-on-one coaching, and group training platform; Mullan’s Meatheads.

Hell, as I write to you this morning, I’m seriously considering paying one of my favourite authors one thousand dollars for an hour of his time, simply so that I have the accountability of investing into the process, as I begin to lay the foundation for the next big project I’m sizing up.


That’s enough food for thought for today.

Embodying the three principles above of “doing the hard stuff” will bring you greater, more profound, lasting results than circle-jerking your way through the endless pile of fitness industry horseshyt, and jumping from fad to fad.

At least, that’s my humble, meatheaded opinion.

Yours in MASS,

_Meathead Mullan

PS. I mentioned above how I’ve baked accountability into the meat and potatoes of how I approach working with one-on-one clients, and the lifters inside Mullan’s Meatheads.

I’ve helped hundreds of men and women achieve what they’ve been struggling with for years through focusing solely on the principles above.

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