The Fountain of Youth


Muscle is the Fountain of Youth.

Hypertrophy is the fabled water that fills the Fountain’s reservoirs.


In case you’re unfamiliar with the legend that is the Fountain of Youth, the Fountain is said to be a spring that restores and immortalizes the youth of anyone who bathes in, or drinks it’s magical waters.

The legend of the Fountain itself appears throughout history beginning in the 5th century, with the latest (and most popular) rendition coming to light in the early 16th century.

While the details, characters, and events may change from legend to legend, the driving force behind each is the same.

To unlock eternal youth, and defy time itself.

The wicked tale of The Fountain of Youth makes for a captivating yarn, but it’s the driving emotional force behind questing for the Fountain that strikes me most.

Humans are instinctive creatures. We seek out survival, and many are willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top, for better or for worse.


The vast majority of humans don’t want to die, and are deathly fearful of…death itself.

While this is a subject for a different article, an email, or for someone else to write altogether, it needs stating to set the stage.

Despite the glaring inevitability, humans don’t want to die. Proven by how history shows one of humanities’ fabled legends to speak of magical waters that when imbibed, promise youth and ward off death for all eternity.

However, this is where the legend of the Fountain takes a downward turn.

By the definition of the legends and tales spread through the centuries, there is no Fountain of Youth.

the fountain of youth

Except for it’s existence in lore.

That being said, there is a version of the Fountain that exists in our current day and age, hidden under a different guise.

Hypertrophy, otherwise known as the process of building muscle, is our present day Fountain of Youth, and it needs new treacherous quest to sip it’s sweet nectar.

You see…

Muscle provides your body with the ability for crisp, controlled movement.

Building muscle also helps to improve bone density, the strength of your connective tissue, improves your ability to ward off cancer, disease, and improves practically every major marker of great health.

The more muscle you have on your frame, the longer you will live (potential for external disaster aside).

Everyday activities become easier, your endurance improves, and your risk of injury declines.

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue that requires nutrients to sustain and support. I don’t believe there’s a case where a nutrient-deficient, muscle-less human will outlast it’s strong, muscled, and well-fed counterpart.

More muscle means improvements to movement, your confidence, life as you know it, and your physical appearance.

Building muscle will improve (and can fix) postural issues.

The list of benefits goes on, and on, and on….and on.

That being said, the point of this article is not to extoll the near-endless virtues of building muscle, but rather to hammer home the basal importance of adding muscle tissue to the one skeleton that you’ve been granted the gift of occupying for 70-100 years.


People want to be healthy, and have their appearance reflect that.

People want to live long and prosperous years, without unpleasant complications, illness, or premature death.

People want to improve their general fitness, tone, define, and tighten specific areas of their body.

People want to eliminate pain from their day-to-day life.

People want to improve their abilities in other avenues and verticals.

People want to improve their energy, elevate their confidence, and have the mental and physical strength to handle their life.

People want to move more efficiently, lose unwanted fat, and *feel* their capacity for strength.

If you ask me, sipping from the fabled waters of the Fountain of Youth would achieve all of the above. Alas, it’s not as simple and straightforward as making a treacherous journey through stormy seas and wild jungles on a quest for a mythical fountain.

Yet there is a Fountain of Youth that is far from myth, and is taking up a mantle in our present day.

Our modern day Fountain, our real world elixir of life, the truthful tonic that can add years to your existence, is undeniably real.

It can be sipped through submitting yourself to the iron, putting in the work, and building muscle tissue.

And so it is.


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