The Two Most Essential Worldbuilding Tools

The following is inspired by a recent facebook post I read from friend, client (and future Sorcerers Guild subscriber), Eric Bach…

I have a confession.

Since I bit the bullet and pulled the plug on my fitness business back in January, I’ve felt as if I’m juggling flaming chainsaws while riding a unicycle in the middle of an earthquake.

Not only in regards to my business, but my life as a whole.

Over these past (nearly) ten months I’ve…

— Shut down one business and cast aside all side-hustles in favour of pouring all my focus, heart, and energy into building my current business.

— Travelled heavily throughout the United States, five different countries between Europe and Asia, explored dozens of new cities, and flown on at least 21 planes.

— Spent as much time travelling and in-transit as I have at home.

Properly created and launched two of my own unique offers—Email Imagery and The Sorcerers Guild.

— Gotten engaged.

…all while actively chasing business growth, skill development, staying on top of lifting, yoga, my mental health, and showing up in my relationships.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for each of these opportunities and experiences…and I know they’ve all resulted from choices I’ve made.

Nonetheless, 2018 has been absolutely nuts (and we’ve still got two months to go).

For further proof, I wrote this email on my flight to Tokyo a few days ago, after writing three others, critiquing a sales letter, and polishing off 200-odd words the book I was reading (Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennet, a delightful fiction book I strongly suggest you read).

No doubt you can relate:

The greater your desire for improvement, and the more responsibility you take on…life grows increasingly more insane, and has a sneaky way of staying insane.

As it does, it becomes easier and easier to lose yourself, to let what was once important fall to the side, and for cracks to show in your armour.


You see, when it comes to your worldbuilding adventures there are two essential pieces you musthave:

1. Marketing (if nobody knows aboot who you are or what you’re doing, good luck making sales…and like it or not, you can’t build a business without sales).

2. Mindset (if you don’t believe in your abilities, your product or service, develop the fortitude to keep going, or nurture the unfuckwithable-ness to keep going in spite of failures, you’re simply fucked).

If you know how to ethically and effectively market your business, then pair it with an unfuckwithable mindset…given enough time it becomes damn tough to lose.

Since I like to yap about my humble newsletter when I have the opportunity—and this IS an opportunity…

My firm belief in your need for marketing and mindset is why The Sorcerers Guild paper & ink newsletter is all about addressing what I submit to be the two most essential tools for your worldbuilding adventures.

You can have one without the other…but you’ll forever be limiting yourself.

Learn to wield both…and you’ll become unstoppable.

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Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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