Erik, one of the Iron Monks who resides within the Muscle Monastery that is Mullan’s Meatheads asked a great question recently:

“What methods do you use to re-engage a dormant muscle or wake up one that refuses to fire properly? In my case, specifically my tricep. I’ve tried mentally focusing on it, and smacking it against things. Neither of which seemed to work. Halp wanted.”

Ah, yes. The unrelenting frustration of trying to “wake up” a muscle that simply doesn’t want to activate.

There are a few things you can do here, and I’d first start by having some soft-tissue work done around the elbow and shoulder. If your fascia is tight and bunched up, you have scar tissue build up, or are dehydrated, not only will you struggle to properly engage said muscle, but blood flow to the entire region is going to be poor.

Outside of soft-tissue work, my favourite method for brining life back to a dormant muscle is to stand tall, and flex it as hard as you can for 20-30 seconds (without weight). When you do this, aim to make your muscle cramp. After 4-5 holds on each side (do one at a time), your sleepy little triceps should be WOKE.

triceps training tips

Flex, Motherfucker, FLEX.

As well, when you move onto your triceps exercises, play around with your elbow positioning on pressdowns and extensions. See if you can find a new, more effective “sweet spot” to work from.

If all the above fails, your best bet is to simply build more muscle tissue.

The more tissue you have, the easier it is to flex, engage, and *feel* your muscles working.

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